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Wesley Harrington Ketchum (1878-1968)

June 29, 2013

freespirit7.comWesley Harrington Ketchum (1878-1968) was an American homeopath who practiced in Kentucky (Anon, Journal of the American Institute of Homœopathy, Volume 3, (Board of Trustees of the American Institute of Homœopathy, 1910). Pages 1127 and 1182), and in Cleveland Ohio and Santa Clara (Anon, Directory, (1922). Pages 45 and 228).

Wesley Harrington Ketchum was introduced to Edgar Cayce by Leslie Cayse, Edgar’s father, and Wesley Harrington Ketchum was astonished at Edgar Cayce’s psychic diagnosis of his abdominal pain. The two men worked together for a while (Sidney Kirkpatrick, Edgar Cayce: an American prophet, (Riverhead Books, 1 Sep 2000). Pages 88, 144 and 161. See also Thomas Sugrue, There Is a River, (Read Books, 1 Mar 2007). Multiple pages). Wesley Harrington Ketchum described Edgar Cayce’s methods of clairvoyance (Cindy Jacobs, Deliver Us From Evil: Putting A Stop To The Occultic Influence Invading Your Home and Community, (Gospel Light Publications, 5 Nov 2001). Pages 113-114), and sent a report to the American Society of Clinical Research in Boston.

Wesley Harrington Ketchum and Leslie Cayce would receive and prepare the client before Edgar Cayce would prescribe for them in trance, and Wesley Harrington Ketchum would also receive foreign visitors and discuss Edgar Cayce’s methods with them at great length as he conducted his studies into Edgar Cayce’s work. Wesley Harrington Ketchum was also engaged with the phonographic recordings of Edgar Cayce’s readings, and he wrote prescriptions for patients given by Edgar Cayce while in trance (Thomas Sugrue, There Is a River, (Read Books, 1 Mar 2007). Multiple pages).

Wesley Hartington Ketchum was active in professional homeopathic societies (Anon, The North American journal of homeopathy, Volume 52, (American Medical Union, 1904). Page 64), and he contributed various articles to homeopathic journals (Anon, Cleveland Medical and Surgical Reporter, Volume 12, (1904). Page 252), and he wrote The Discovery of Edgar Cayce,


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