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William Morgan 1826 - 1894

June 03, 2010

William Morgan ?1826 - ?1894 was a British orthodox physician, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Accouncher to the West End Maternity Institute, who converted to homeopathy to become a Member of the British Homeopathic Society, Member of the British Institute of Homeopathy, Physician to the Brighton Homeopathic Dispensary, Physician to the North London Homeopathic Dispensary, Medical Officer at the Cambridge Homeopathic Dispensary, Member of the Homeopathic Publishing Company, Medical Officer at the London Homeopathic Hospital,

William Morgan practiced in Plymouth, and in Camdridge, and at 14 Tyndale Place, Islington,

William Morgan wrote The homeopathic treatment of indigestion, constipation, and haemorrhoids, The philosophy of homeopathy, The Text Book for Domestic Practice, The Liver and Its Diseases, Both Functional and Organic, Diabetes Mellitus, Syphilis and Syphiloidal Diseases, Cholera, Diphtheria, The signs and concomitant derangements of pregnancy, Contagious diseases; their history, anatomy, pathology, and treatment, Diseases of the Liver, and their homeopathic treatment, The liver and its diseases, both functional and organic, The Liver: Historically, Anatomically, Physiologically and Clinically Considered,

Of interest:

A Dr. Morgan was the homeopath in Edward Bulwer Lytton’s Rienzi: the last of the tribunes,

Rev E O Morgan was on the Management Committee of the Clapham Homeopathic Dispensary,

S Morgan was a Physician at the Bath Homeopathic Dispensary,

T Morgan was a Physician for the Caledonian Fire and Life Insurance Company, alongside William Bayes (in Bath),