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Henry O Robinson 1827 - 1894

April 28, 2010

Henry O Robinson ?1827 - ?1894 BA, BATC Dublin, MRCS England 1854, was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, to become a Surgeon at the London Homeopathic Hospital, Member of the Board of Management of the London Homeopathic Hospital, and the Founder of the British Homeopathic Drug Proving Association,

Robinson practiced at 20 Moorgate Street, Bank, London, and at 41 Davies Street, Berkeley Square, London, and he lived at 50 Grosvenor Street, London, and at 36 Grosvenor Square, London,

Robinson submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications, including Fragmentary Provings of Drugs in Various Potencies upon healthy persons, Homeopathy: How to test it,

Of interest:

Albert Robinson was a sponsor of homeopathy in 1849, and in 1851, he attended the Annual Festival in aid of the funds of the Charity:

The Annual Festival in aid of the funds of the Charity, and in commemoration of the opening of the London Homeopathic Hospital established in London, will be held at the Albion Tavern, Aldersgate Street, on Thursday, the 10th of April 1851, the anniversary of the birth of Samuel Hahnemann:

Henry Charles FitzRoy Somerset 8th Duke of Beaufort in the chair.

STEWARDS: Henry William Paget Marquess of Anglesey, George Stanhope 6th Earl of Chesterfield, Arthur Algernon Capell 6th Earl of Essex, John Robert Townshend 1st Earl Sydney, John Gray 15th Lord Gray, Arthur de Vere Capell Viscount Malden, Francis Arthur Gordon, Lord Clarence Paget, Lord Alfred Paget, Culling Charles Smith, Marmaduke Blake Sampson, Frederick Hervey Foster Quin, Nathaniel Barton, J. Askew, Henry Banister, Henry Bateman 1806-1880, Capt. Branford, F Blake, Hugh Cameron, Captain Chapman, H Cholmondeley, John Burgh Crampern, Edward Cromwell Disbrowe, W. Dutton, Edward Esdaile, W. M. Fache, Fr. Fuller, H Goez, John Gosnell, George Hallett, Edward Hamilton, J Huggins, P Hughes, John Peake Knight, Joseph Kidd, Thomas Robinson Leadam, Thomas Mackern, Victor Massol, J Mayne, Jas Bell Metcalfe, C T P Metcalfe, Samuel Thomas Partridge, T Piper, W Piper, R Pope, Henry Reynolds, A Robinson, Henry Rosher, C J Sanders, W Scorer, Rittson Southall, T Spicer, J Smith, Charles Snewin, Charles Trueman, Thomas Uwins, W. Watkins, J Wisewould, David William Witton, Stephen Yeldham, J G Young,

The responsibility of Stewards is limited to the dinner ticket, 21s., and gentlemen who will kindly undertake the office are respectfully requested to forward their names to any of the Stewards; or to the Hon. Secretary at the Hospital. 32. Golden-square.  Ralph Buchan, Hon. Sec.

G Robinson was on the ** ****Management Committee** of the Manchester Homeopathic Hospital in 1842,

Mark Robinson was a homeopath in 1906, and he wrote Urine Testing,

S Robinson was a homeopath in 1906, and he practiced in Handsworth,

Bovine G, Silver JR, Weiner MF, * The role of Edward Harrison’s (1766-1838) disciples, Thomas Engall, John and George Epps, Charles Hoyland, John Evans Riadore, John Robinson and John Baptiste de Serney in the treatment of spinal deformity in the Victorian medical world*. J Med Biogr. 2012 Feb;20(1):18-24.


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