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G H Fletcher 1818 - 1887

April 25, 2010

G H Fletcher ?1818 - ?1887, was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, Surgeon at the Manchester Union Fever Ward, Member of the Medical Council of the Hahnemann Hospital at 39 Bloomsbury Square,

G H Fletcher was on the Medical Council of the Hahnemann Hospital at 39 Bloomsbury Square alongside William Henry Ashurst, William Thomas Berger, A E Blest, W A Case, James Chapman, John Chapman, Edward Charles Chepmell, Clare, Edward Cronin, Paul Francois Curie, J M Douglas, Robert Ellis Dudgeon, Thomas Engall, John Epps, George Fearon, John Fowler, Gill, Joseph Glover, F L R Suss Hahnemann, Robert Hamilton, Joseph Hands, Sydney Hanson, Amos Henriques, Thomas Higgs, JT H Johnstone, Henry Kelsall, Joseph Laurie, Charles Powell Leslie, Henry Victor Malan, John Miller, Augustus Henry Moreton, G P Nichols, Chas Pasley, Paterson, A P Phelps, George Rogers, J Rogers, Mathias Roth, Frederick Sandoz, Phillip Sandoz, W Stephenson, Samuel Sugden, Allan Templeton, Major Tyndale, William Warne, A Wilkinson, James John Garth Wilkinson, David Wilson, S Wilson, George Wyld,

G H Fletcher submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications,

Of interest:

Frederick D Fletcher was a British orthodox physician, Member of the Liverpool Medical Institution, who voted against the exclusion of homeopaths from The Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh in 1859, on the grounds that it was not honourable, and that medicine should not act against a system of medicine (homeopathy) that was the only system that had done anything for the improvement of therapeutics since the days of Hippocrates!

Furthermore, as no evidence could be produced that any homeopath had in any way acted dishonorably, the motion is unjust and sets an unfavourable precedent that any medical man adopting a different system (scientific error) was a breach of ethics, which is is not.

The allopaths were greatly afraid that homeopathy was so very popular, it would, in 50 years time, be as popular as vaccination and displace allopathy completely. At the time, homeopathy was widely referred to a a ‘heresy’.

This motion to exclude homeopaths was passed, and reported in The British Journal of Homeopathy in 1859 under the title The Triumph of Bigotry.

J S Fletcher was a sponsor of homeopathy in 1876,

James Fletcher was an advocate of homeopathy in 1883,

John G Fletcher - ?1852, was a British orthodox physician, who was extremely interested in homeopathy, and practiced in Edinburgh,

John G Fletcher was the teacher of Bushnan, Matthew James Chapman,

John G Fletcher wrote Elements of Pathology (an edition of this book was edited by John Rutherford Russell and John James Drysdale, in which he discusses the outlines and some of the principles of homeopathy,

Josiah Fletcher was a bookseller who sold the Norwich Homeopathic Record in 1851,

Rev. Richard Fletcher was a homeopathic advocate in 1851, and a sponsor of the Manchester Homeopathic Hospital and Dispensary,

William (Bill) Fletcher was an acupuncturist who practiced in Wimbledon in ?1960, who attended the homeopathic classes given by Thomas Lackenby Maughan:

Thomas Lackenby Maughan was involved with Radionics “for a year or two”. According to Wilcox and Elizabeth Danciger, his involvement with Radionics was far more extensive and of much longer standing.

Throughout the 1950-75 period, he was a very close friend of Rosemary Russell, Lavender Dower, Malcolm Rae and David Tansley, all prominent members of the  Radionic Association, and widely regarded as comprising the ‘inner sanctum’ of that organisation.

According to Elizabeth Danciger [1990] he had also taught homeopathy to a class of healers, during the early 1960s. This group included the architect and astrologer Tad Mann, Bill Fletcher [a Wimbledon acupuncturist], and the late David Tansley, the prominent Radionic practitioner and Chiropractor


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