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The Book of Edda Called Voluspa

April 18, 2010

In The Book of Edda Called Voluspa, homeopath James John Garth Wilkinson 1812 – 1899 uses Emanuel Swedenborg’s Doctrine of Correspondence to translate this famous Norse text in 1897, two years before he died, after forty three years of research and having to learn another three languages to translate it!

The Edda is the Norse Skaldic Mythology, written down in Iceland in the 13th Century, but dating back into the mists of time to the Viking Age and beyond.

Though the text is dense, this rugged drama from prehistory is a ’scientific analysis of a theological work’ (preface), and tells a remarkably modern story.

_The Book of Edda Called Voluspa_ records the prophecy of the Seer Vala as she explains the maturation of Humanity from the original Golden Age, through Ragnarok (Armageddon), to the dawning of the new Golden Age, expounding the Theory of Gaia and the modern Green Movement, and proving itself to be the source of J R R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy and so much else.

The Book of Edda Called Voluspa explains how Material Science with all its magic (Spin) is addicted to the ‘magical arts’ which cultivate hypnotic trances and dogma (Spin), in alliance with the ‘Great Harlot’ Gullveig (finance), revealing Dominant Man’s lust for dominion over the things of spirit, and thus become the precursor to Ragnarok (Armageddon) which will eventually lead to the new Golden Age.

James John Garth Wilkinson asks why Material Science with all its magic (Spin) is profoundly unable to examine  ‘spiritual things’, and how this fear, weakness, inability and fault of Material Science with all its magic (Spin) results in its denouncement of all things metaphysical as ‘delusions’? (preface).

Vala prophecies the dawning of Impartial Scientific Truth and Wise Men in a new Golden Age.

The translation by James John Garth Wilkinson of _The Book of Edda Called Voluspa_ is based on a transcription by Saemundar Edda Hins Frodha (?1055-1133), translated and published by Theodor Mobius (?-?) in Leipsig in 1860 (Theodor Möbius, Edda saemundar hins fród?a, (Hinrichs, 1860), using the Key of Emanuel Swedenborg’s Doctrine of Correspondence to unlock the secrets contained therein. This method exposes the soul to bring it alive (preface).

James John Garth Wilkinson learnt Icelandic from Rektor Per Adam Siljestrom and Old Norse from Jon A Hjaltalin to enable him to undertake this translation from the Latin for the Swedenborg Society in 1897, after 43 years of study of this series of tales.

_The Book of Edda Called Voluspa_ is a promise of a renovated era, a new Golden Age, used in Voluspa to describe the period after Ragnarok where the surviving gods and their progeny build the city Gimli on the ruins of Asgard, a beautiful reborn world that will rise from the ashes of death and destruction where Balder will live again in a new world.

The original Celestial Adamic Church was destroyed by man through disobedience. The next material Noatic Church (Noah to Abraham) was based on obedience, its aim was for men to become spiritual, but it failed due to a faithlessness to divine truths and entered a slow decline and death.

James John Garth Wilkinson hypothesises that all mythologies emerged when the Noatic Church broke up and fragmented, though they all contain the Wisdom of the Ancients, as can be discovered by a study of World Myth. (page 3)

_The Book of Edda Called Voluspa (the prophecy of the Seer Vala) outlines this story: _

The Prophetess Vala addresses her prophecy to all men (Valfather), and her mind memory is of the Jotunheim (Primordial Universal forces - Satan - self made gods) who raised her.

_The Book of Edda Called Voluspa_ explains that in the beginning, the World had no form and was inhabited by the Ymir, until Bur’s (Borr - giants) sons lifted the vault of heaven and shaped Midgard. There were nine worlds (greenwoods) from the beginning, with the tree in the middle and dust below. The Seats of Council, the Aesir (the ‘gods’) met on Ida Plain (the Plain of Apples) and ordered the names of all things, sorted time into days and years, and built a temple and an altar and the original Golden Age began. (page 11)

Then three maids arrived from Jotunheim (one of the nine worlds), followed by three Aesir arrived from Ask (Ash) and Embla (Elm) (other worlds in the nine worlds - Odin (spirit - god of intellect), Haenir (soul - god of water) and Lodur (Loki - blood - god of fire), and another three maidens arrived  from the sea.

The Aesir met again in council, and Odin gave the three maidens from Jotunheim rings and bracelets and wands for divination and to bind them, and Heidi (witch of the Valas from Jotunheim) prophesied the Ride of the Valkyries to the Gothic people. (page 13)

As the Aesir sit in conclave, Odin fights with the wolves, while his son fights with the serpent, the sun blackens and the land sinks into the sea, and the stars swerve in heaven. Baldur is slain.

Eventually, Baldur returns to inherit Odin’s house and all things flourish, and the House of Gimli stands fair, full of upright men and the new Golden Age begins. The King comes with Justice and then the ‘Murky Dragon’ Nidhogg (self Love) comes to plague Humanity.

James John Garth Wilkinson applies the key of Emanuel Swedenborg’s Doctrine of Correspondence to translate this famous Norse text:

_The Book of Edda Called Voluspa _pages 18- 25

The Three Firsts:

Chaos = evil = death = primal universe = Satan = antilife = Age of Ymir (origin of (Odin (spirit - god of intellect), Haenir (soul - god of water) and Lodur (Loki - blood - god of fire), and all the other gods) = those who believe they are gods = Age of Giants = Antediluvians = lusts and longings = Jotunheim = Midgard (before Life arrived) = ‘Those who believed they were gods’ = serpents = athiests (there is no God here) = self made

Truth = God = Heaven = Word = Life = celestial awareness (arrives in the World)

Golden Age = beginning of Life in the World

The original Golden Age

The Jotunheim are supplanted = the arch of heaven is lifted = Life takes form (no form becomes reality) = new church (spiritual contract - Life) = symbol of the sun (revelation) shining from the south based on rocks (truth - houses/halls of stone) = spiritual instruction begins (Life) = Aesir (men (Life), gods (Jotunheim), sun (revelation), moon (intelligence), stars) settles the patterns of nights and days and days and years - ie: sits in council) = meet on Ida Plan (early man in the garden of apples) = good and evil coalesce = social statehood

The Three Maids from Jotunheim arrive

_The Book of Edda Called Voluspa _pages 26 - 33** **

The three maids from Jotunheim = desire for wealth = dwarves (Mineral Men = difficult humanity - ’children of lions’ -  formed from dust) emerge from indulgence, passion and beer) = Motsognir (master of the dwarves + beer + sleep) = the Aesir (now Natural Men) now create their own religion instituted by Elohim (divine ideas) - Earth born with Earth gods = sun (Earth sun) + Sun (spiritual sun) separate as a result = Human reality = combat on the Jara Plains (Jarring states) = man is not God = Council of Dwarves is affected = this is a ’dead creation’ = though the dwarves do have a ‘living spiritual atmosphere’ and they do own Golden Rings (spiritual contracts)

The lists of the dwarves names in _The Book of Edda Called Voluspa_ represent a list of contentious elements of light (good) and darkness (evil) - eg. the first dwarf Dravpnir (ringdropper), Dvalinn (spiritual patience), Lofar (praise) - the list also includes the names Durinn and Gandalf - and represent drunkenness (lusts and longings) vs intelligence (Jotunheim - pride) vs Elohim (divine ideas) - surrounded by ‘Serpent lures’

_The Book of Edda Called Voluspa _pages 33 -36

The three** Aesir** arrived from Ask and Embla (other worlds in the nine worlds) = Adolescent Men = who crave gods = gods enter men (Infant gods - all gods are born from mankind) = the dwarves made the Earth ready = trees rise from the Earth = First Men (Infant Men)

The names of these Infant gods are characteristics of mind

Odin = spirit = breath

Haenir = mind = soul

Lodur (Loki) = blood = passion

Infant Men = freewill = irresponsible

Ask (Ash) and Embla (Elm) = Infant Men are walking trees = part of Yggdrasil

The Three Women from the Sea are Urd (past), Verdandi (present) and Skuld (freewill) who write on Shives (strips of wood) and lay down the law = Word = Life = Book of Life = consciousness = consequences

Yggdrasil = ’the horse (intellect) of terror’ (Yggr = Ogre) = the whole world - has its roots in the memory of past and its top in the Milky Way

The dew (tears of Life) falls on Yggdrasil and falls into dales (humiliation)

_The Book of Edda Called Voluspa _pages 36 -45

Odin the king of the Aesir (Infant god) faces Yggdrasil perplexed, and hides in Mimir (memory - Jotunheim) drunk on mead, in the morning (hopes), his intellect does not equate to divination. He chooses rings and bracelets and wands for divination(magic) **to bind the Vala **(Jotunheim).

Odin ponders that Infant Man has two eyes (one is corrupt and looks down into memory (Urd (past) cunning) and one is divine and looks up (conscience - but is asleep), and Infant Man hides in drunkenness, with love of past wars, love of power and past magnificence, countered by dreams of Valhalla (future).

Odin reflects that he bribed the Vala (Jotunheim) who revealed the Valkyries, and that the first Aeon of Chaos with its love of Dominion (power) is now an intellectual love of Dominion (power) which Odin himself represents (second Aeon).

Odin is himself a Valkyry of intellect, engaged in his own cunning and falsity and based in the past. Vala prophesied Heidi (witch of the Valas from Jotunheim) = gold and serenity = a welcome guest who fascinated the paramour of Lodur (Loki) = magic invaded ritual and the old order where the Word (Life) led is now gone.

James John Garth Wilkinson explains here that Emanuel Swedenborg believed that Material Science with all its magic (Spin) is addicted to the ‘magical arts’, which cultivates hypnotic trances and dogma (Spin), and a lust for dominion over spiritual things.

_The Book of Edda Called Voluspa _pages 45 - 53

The Vala continues that the ‘Great Harlot’ Gullveig (finance) now appears, and is ‘set on spears and burnt three times’ in Odin’s Hall, yet she lives. Vala explains that spiritual things cannot be burnt, rather the hatred of spiritual things only adds blast to the ‘spiritual furnace’.

Odin’s dilemma adds wrath to wrath and becomes an Inquisition, whereby those things burnt by hellish fires survive and proves that profound ignorance and the hatred of spiritual things due to the love of dominion (power) leads only to war - the ‘first folk fight’ now begins - can Dominant Man and his impressive **Material Science with all its magic (Spin) **reform himself or will evil (chaos) triumph?

Vala explains that Freya, a Maid of Oth is given to the Jotunheim (sold for profit) and ‘the Great Harlot’ Gullveig (finance) becomes her maid. The ‘first folk fight’ now becomes full scale war as Nation hates Nation, and the Jotunheim Spins the spiritual Word (Life) with its Material Science with all its magic **(Spin) **(desire to become a god and defy all spiritual things) which destroys all spiritual health and a full scale religious war rages.

Thor is furious but he stands alone. He sees the evil and rejects it. Heimdall’s horn is silent (Heimdall = home), and Mimir (memory) becomes corrupt.

Falsity floods the Earth and Odin’s intellect is overwhelmed and becomes useless. Spiritual things become degraded and prophecies of the end of the World proliferate. Sensuality seizes the Earth and the Truth (Word) is rejected. Evils rush unchecked from the Will of Dominant Man, the light in the eye of man goes out, his inner mind quails impending extinction.

The ‘Great Harlot’ Gullveig (finance) rears her brood of wolves and the Infant gods become Naked Men. Adam and Eve are ‘uncovered’ and resort to fig leaves (fear - sycophant = fig apparent) and concealment (shame and cowardice). They are ‘not worth a fig’.

Olive = Celestial Man

Vine = Spiritual Man

Thus Fig tree = Natural Man

Fenrir (the Old One) is filled with the life strength of fear of stricken cowards (Feigr - dread of death) and the Dead Men (Jotunheim) proves to be still alive through Gullveig (finance) and through Material Science with all its magic (Spin).

Thus Natural Man **breaks from **Spiritual Man **and **Material Science with all its magic (Spin) is enthroned.

_The Book of Edda Called Voluspa _pages 53 - 87

The Three Death Crows appear representing spiritual sleep, resurrection of body and burial.

Birds = intellect - (good or evil)

Animals = affections (good or evil)

Baldur is killed by an arrow made of Mistletoe = Baldur’s brother (jealousy, hatred, vengeance) is immediately born. Brotherhood is dead.

Mistletoe - parasite = tree of death

The love of glory, possession and flesh leads to madness and ignorance. Lodur (Loki) is released from the ‘bowels’ and works via his mate Sigyn (womb of Battle) as evil mates with falsity. Garm bays to be free, and Slither (river of poison) flows into the River of Hades as Humanity welcomes the slide into hell.

The Flint dwarf in the Hall of Gold is proud of ruining the pleasant places as insanity forms the hell of Dead Men, and poison drops fall in about the windows, and the houses of men are ‘platted with the backs of serpents’.

Vala sees men wading heavy streams and that no man has pity for other men, as under the Three Fold Sorceress, mercy dies.

Then Heimdall sounds his horn and as Odin speaks with Mimir’s (memory) head, Yggdrasil trembles and Lodur (Loki) breaks loose. Mimir’s children remember the Old Times and they respond to Heimdall’s horn as the spiritual forces ignite and become ‘on fire with terror’ and evil overbalances. The hells are overpopulous and overrun heaven and rejoice. Freewill is lost and all become enslaved.

Garm snaps Fenrir’s fetters and they run loose as the demon hosts follow. The Jotunheim provoke the fight as they break out of their spiritual hell = war on Earth and war in heaven (intellect) and the Muspell (fire demons

  • mousepelt - avarice - an ‘unknowable host’) assisted by Material Science with all its magic (Spin) - Dominant Man **or a Nation who will war for personal gain) form a multitude and invade the east. Hrym (frost giant) threatens Humanity and surrounds Midgard, the sea contains the Midgard Serpent (Corrupt Men), as **Material Science with all its magic (Spin) rages and becomes ‘death devoted’.

On high an eagle screams, and a Fish Man arises from the spiritual sea. He sets sail in a boat made from human finger nails and toe nails (wounds - tooth and nail) and is sent to the east where the Muspell have invaded.

The quarters in hell are reversed = east = west, north = south

east = Love (sunrise)

west = decline of love

south = wisdom

north = shade of wisdom

Vala tells us the Fish Man is a Divine Warrior whose head is cut off (simplest facilities remain - intellect + conscience), aided by Surt (Humanity in its entirety (good and bad) + Love) arrives from the south, and the Jotunheim are vanquished and the war is over. All of modern Humanity is descended from this calamity.

The Vala asks ‘what of the Aesir’? Are they in Council as all of Humanity is rent by this conflict? It is individual human gods, Dominent Men (Nations, Churches) who engaged in this war, and no one can end this mortal combat.

Vala explains that Vidar (Vengeance = weregild = begotten by Odin for vengeance’s sake to kill Hoder, who slew Baldur) kills Fenrir because Fenrir had swallowed and digested Odin. Thus Vidar becomes the last god and was not in Council with the Aesir, and as Vidar was born of hatred and haste, born adult with no innocent childhood, war now becomes ‘legitimate’.

In the resultant war, Fiorgyn’s (Mother Earth) son Thor slays the Midgard serpent (sea - self created ‘man want’ - sensuality), but Thor staggers back nine feet in reaction to what he has done (destroyed Humanity and the ground on which he stands) = general destruction.

Thus the World is now carried on selfishness, harnessed to industry and hobbled by religious pretensions = collapse of Social Men, and evil is the one thing left = Revolutionary Men thunder and lightening for Liberty.

The World created as a nursery for spirit has fundamentally failed and must be born again, as if the connection to the Word (Life) fails, and death is the result, with all fertile ground becoming desert and wilderness.

_The Book of Edda Called Voluspa _pages 87 - 96

The Jotunheim proliferate through war, pollution, earthquakes and famine, with atheism and Material Science with all its magic (Spin), treading on all spirit and love.

Vala sees that Odin’s Age will die when the great Serpent is dead. She sees that the Christian Age will die when the Great Red Serpent is dead, ‘the sun blackens and the land sinks into the sea, and the stars swerve in heaven’. False prophets arise and everyone will hate everyone, leaving Dead States and Dead Churches. This is when the Sixth Seal is broken and Spiritual Man is lost.

Black sun = sun of hell

Moon becomes blood = Divine Truth dies

Stars fall = knowledge of spirit is lost

This is Ragnorok (final destiny), when spirit (Life) dies, the earth sinks into the sea (sensuality and Material Science with all its magic (Spin)) results in a flood of destruction and Death becomes Life.

Then an eagle cries (new dispensation) and the Aesir proves to still contain spirit which is awaiting the extinction of a dying Aeon, and the waters recede, leaving waterfalls (young Truths - Natural Truths of a New World). The Earth is suddenly ‘freshly green’ as a new spiritual diet ‘feeds the mind’ and Impartial Scientific Truth is born.

A New Earth (cold blooded intellect) arises from the water and remembering the first Fish Man begins to fish on mountains (high states - natural states), and a new Spiritual Man arises.

_The Book of Edda Called Voluspa _pages 96 - 129

James John Garth Wilkinson calls Vala an ‘inspired prophetess’, who could see today clearly, and knew that the Aesir (Humanity) ‘still want to live’, and will become a new Genus Homo, a new Natural Man.

Vala knew they would again meet on Ida Plain in full knowledge of all times past, the sea of Midgard’s serpent will be gone, replaced by a ‘blinding oracular dust’, because the Aesir (Humanity) cannot live without imaginative vision (Word - spirit - intellect), and that false Material Science with all its magic (Spin) is just another religion (but ‘not so nutritious’).

Vala knows Humanity will find the Golden Tables (Ancient Wisdom given to the Aesir in the original Golden Age) in the grass, and that they will open their minds and discover Impartial Scientific Truth which will dazzle false Material Science with all its magic (Spin).

Vala knew that Humanity will rediscover the link between body and soul and rekindle Spiritual Man, through simple maturation of ascending truths from ancient times, from Celestial Man to Wise Man, having used the intervening states of Spiritual Man, Natural Man and God Man to grow, just as a child grows.

Vala knew that immature and false Material Science with all its magic (Spin) will lead to Impartial Scientific Truth through the rainbows that hover over the waterfalls of New Truths born after the conflagration of Ragnarok, as Good Men discard love of dominion.

In Vala’s words, Baldur returns (Impartial Scientific Truth) forms a New Church (Life reconnected with intellect), and the fertility of the World is renewed.

Vala would say Haenir inhabits Vindheim the Wide, full of little children (Wise Men) brought by birds (storks) who reveal a new intellect, born from the Egg (new Nature) of creation, and represented first by a Dove (new Gift), dispersing false intellect glued to will (Material Science with all its magic (Spin)) which denies through fear all but the sensual and cannot grasp spiritual things, running away instead due to fear and loathing of such fundamental metaphysics.

Material Science with all its magic (Spin) denies the mind through terror of something far more powerful, becoming instead a mental glue pot and thus declaring its Jotunheim inheritance, frightened of the future and of loss of dominion and loss of that ‘Great Harlot’ Gullveig (finance).

Vala knew that only those who love brotherhood (Baldur) can enter Vindheim the Wide and ‘breathe the air’. Vindheim the Wide will only be inhabited by Maximus Homo, the Wise Men, and that Vindheim the Wide can only arise after Ragnarok.

Vala knew that the Wise Men of Vindheim the Wide will have to constrain Material Science with all its magic (Spin) with a ‘rod of iron’, knowing by hard lessen that Mundane Men will never grasp the importance of spirit, never hear the voice of the soul (Word), discounting Life (spirit - metaphysics) as a ‘delusion’, and disconnecting the soul from body for love of the ‘Great Harlot’ Gullveig (finance).

Material Science with all its magic (Spin) **represents ‘a delusion of sight’, leading Humanity again to war and devastation through love of dominion, greed and ignorance. Never again could the **Wise Men of Vindheim the Wide allow such travesties to walk abroad.

Vala asks ‘know ye of this, what it means?’

_The Book of Edda Called Voluspa _pages 129 - 150** **

Vala fortells that House of Gimli is a House of Gold (and the list of precious stones is a list of spiritual aspects) which is placed ‘four square’ (Justice), based on the longitude (Goodness) and Latitude (Truth) of the Square Man,

Ruby = Celestial flame

Diamond = spiritual light

Vala knows that Humanity must grow through these various ages from Stone Age to the Golden Age, and she sees a King come to reign in Gimli, and also the ‘Murky Dragon’ called Nidhogg (self Love), a Pale Horse (Hypocrisy), which lives at the base of Yggdrasil (Humanity) which must follow as Yggdrasil (Humanity) has freewill.

Though Ragnarok will occur in ‘spirit’ (in heaven - in human intellect), the rest will play out in the World until Valhalla (future) ‘unhelms its heroes’ and Yggdrasil (Humanity) is really fit for a new Golden Age when our new soul (Homo Sapiens Humilitas) is born and the new intellect of Impartial Scientific Truth girds its loins and joins in the fight for Truth (New Church - intellect), overcoming the serpent of false knowledge and the sorceries of godhood represented by Material Science with all its magic (Spin).

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