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The Leicester Homeopathic Hospital

April 09, 2010

The Leicester Homeopathic Dispensary and Hospital was established 1853, at 2 East Street, 4 Halford Street, and at 14 Market Street, 16 Market Street, and at 41 and a half Granby Street, and remained open into the 20th Century,

In 1849, there was a Dispensary operating in Leicester, where the homeopathic chemist William Headland was sending remedies,

On 1.1.1853, the Leicester Homeopathic Dispensary at 2 East Street, was opened under the care of Henry Kelsall, admission was via a subscriber’s ticket, or by paying for the remedy. By 1.6.1854, 526 patients had been seen.

In 1855, George H Hanson worked briefly at the Dispensary, and in the same year, Sydney Hanson joined the Dispensary, and Henry Kelsall was still working at the Dispensary,

In 1863, The Leicester Trade Protection Society Directory lists the Medical Officers at the Dispensary as The Wielobycki Brothers, and Bremner,

In 1868, Richard Sandon Gutteridge was working at the Dispensary, now based at 14 Market Street, and the Dispensary was formalised as follows:

Patrons: Earl Denbigh, Thomas Egerton 2nd Earl of Wilton,

President: Rev. T S Carlyon,

Treasurer: *Thomas Burgess,

Secretary: Joseph Carryer,

Medical Officer: Henry Elliott,

Dispensers: Thomas Yates,

There was a second branch based at 41 and a half Granby Street, staffed by:

Dispenser: William Stratton,

Physicians: Richard Sandon Gutteridge, The Wielobycki Brothers,

In 1872, the Dispensary had moved from 14 Market Street, and was now located at 4 Halford Street, and the Physician in Charge was George Clifton,

In 1885, the Dispensary had become a Hospital (C.H. Spurgeon (Ed.), The Sword and the Trowel, (London Metropolitan Tabernacle, 1885). Page 464).

In 1896, the hospital was ?located at 10 Wood Street:

In 1890 a three-storeyed, double-fronted house at 10 Wood Street had been converted into a hospital. It had just 4 beds and 2 cots. In 1896 a house on SE corner of Hill Street… was rented for use as a hospital.

There is an account of the opening of this ‘new cottage hospital’ in The Hinckley Times, 4 July 1896.

In 1899, the English Homeopathic Conference was held at the Hospital,

In 1905, Dudley d’Auvergne Wright was a Consultant Surgeon at the Leicester Homeopathic Hospital,

Of interest:

The Leicester Provident Dispensary and Cottage Hospital was an allopathic facility, opened in 1830, it became a newly built hospital in 1905,

*Thomas Burgess ?1815 - ?1900 was a British school master who ran The Grange, a British School in Wigston, Leicestershire from about 1844 - 1873,