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Eric Frederick William Powell 1895 - 1991

March 26, 2010

Eric Frederick William Powell ?1895 - 1991, Phys B, MNCA England, PhD, NB, was a Nature Cure Practitioner and lay homeopath, who also taught Kythymic Physical Culture,

Eric Powell practiced at 178 Gloucester Terrace, Hyde Park,

In the 1930’s a diverse range of assorted lay therapists (mostly homeopaths, herbalists, vegetarians, antivivisectionists, bonesetters, diet therapists, hydrotherapists) became active, including probably 500+ lay homeopaths (see Peter Morrell, 1995).

Most towns at that time had a herbalist and a homeopath. Leading figures of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s include Noel Puddephatt, J Ellis Barker, Rev. Harold Edgar Tyrwhitt, Leslie J Speight, Edward W Cotter, Arthur Jenner (born c1916), Frank Parker Wood, Eric F W Powell (c1895-1991), George Pettitt, Harry Benjamin (c1890-c1950), Darnell Cooper and Edwin D W Tomkins.

Powell wrote Kelp the Health Giver, The Group Remedy Prescriber, Health secrets of all ages, Biochemic prescriber, A Home Course in Nutrition, Tranquillization with Harmless Herbs and other Natural Methods, Life Abundant: A Practical Handbook on the Divine Laws of Health and Healing, Salud en la cocina (Health in the Kitchen), Een boekje open over paardebloemen: het gouden wonder-kruid (An open book about dandelions: the golden wonder herb), Electrotherapy, Herbal Remedies and Nature Cure,_ _Water Treatments: Plain and Medicated, The Natural Home Physician, Biochemistry, The Biochemic Pocket Book, Biochemistry Up to Date, Building a Healthy Heart, or The Magic of a Wild Berry, A Simple Way to Successful Living, Health Secrets of All Ages, Cell Nutrition and Medication for Layman, Health from Earth, Air and Water, Modern Botanic Prescriber, Balance - Physical - Spiritual - Intellectual, Healing by Auto-induction, Lady be Beautiful: Guide to Natural Health and Beauty,  Eric Powell’s articles were published in The Theosophical Magazine, The Health and Nature Cure Handbook,

Of interest:

A J Powell was a Chemist at the Clapham Homeopathic Dispensary, who lived at 15, Alfred Place, Newington Causeway,

George Powell was a member of the Management Committee at the Islington Homeopathic Dispensary,

Maurice Powell was a sponsor of the Homeopathic Convalescent Home in Eastbourne,

Milton Powell FNCA, Honorary Secretary of the Nature Cure Association of Great Britain and Ireland, Lecturer at the London School of Natural Therapeutics, wrote Psychotherapy and Nature Cure, Milton Powell and his wife also wrote articles for The Health and Nature Cure Handbook,

Milton Powell practiced at 60 Warwick Gardens, Kensington in ?1930,


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