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Edward Bates 1824 - 1893

March 24, 2010

Edward Bates ?1824 - ?1893 was a British orthodox physician and surgeon who converted to homeopathy to become a Physician at the Soho Homeopathic Dispensary, Member of the Management Committee of the English Homeopathic Association,

Edward Bates was born in Cowbridge, Glamorganshire, and he married Eliza Fanny Ellis in 1858,

Of interest:

Henry Walter Bates FRS FLS FGS 1825 – 1892 was an English naturalist and explorer, who travelled with Alfred Russel Wallace to the Amazon, and he corresponded with Charles Darwin,

William Horatio Bates 1860 – 1931 was an American physician who practiced ophthalmology and developed what became known as the Bates Method for better eyesight,

William Bates MD wrote Homeopathy in 1869,