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Charles Guest 1826 - 1863

March 14, 2010

Charles Guest 1826 - 1863 was a British pharmacist who converted to homeopathy and practiced in Bristol,

Charles Guest also advertised in _The Lancet_,

Charles Guest (1826-1863), a Chemist in Clifton, Bristol in 1849, 1850; a Chemist & Druggist on the 1851 census; a Homeopathic Chemist in the 1851 Mathews Bristol & Clifton Directory; Homeopathic Chemist in Clifton in the 1856 Post Office Directory; a Chemist in 1858, homeopathic chemist on the 1861 census and a Master Chemist on his death certificate.

His shop/residence was at 31 The Triangle, Clifton, Bristol, most of that timemarrying first Sarah Farley in 1849 and second Georgeanna Down in 1858

Of interest:

Ellen Sophia Guest (1827-) married Edwin Wheeler (1831-) in January 1856 in Bristol.  Edwin became a Homeopathic Chemist in Cheltenham (employing an apprentice and a boy on the 1861 census) until Charles Guest (above) died, when he seems to have taken over 31 The Triangle in Clifton.  Though by the 1901 census he’s moved to Queen’s Rd, Bristol and is described as a Homeopathic Chemist, working at home.