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Fulwar Charles Skipwith 1810 - 1883

March 13, 2010

Fulwar Charles Skipwith 1810 - 1883 was a British East India Company Judge, a Judge in Chittagong, a Civil and Sessional Judge of Sylhet, and Supterintendant of Police in Cachar, an advocate of homeopathy, he was a Member of the Medical Committee of the Tunbridge Wells and West Kent Homeopathic Dispensary,

Fulwar Charles Skipwith was the 2nd son of Sir Grey Skipwith, 8th Baronet 1771 - 1852 (MP for Warwickshire and Warwickshire South, Patron of Leaming Spa Archery in 1851, and he published a monogram in Tunbridge Wells in 1867):

Fulwar Charles Skipwith was educated at Rugby, and he lived at Avon House, Tunbridge Wells,

A BRIEF ACCOUNT, OF THE SKIPWITHS OF NEWBOLD. METHERINGHAM, AND PRESTWOULD, COMPILED by FULWAR SKIPWITH, Late Bengal Civil Service. ’Having prepared this little Pamphlet for my own amusement, I print it, as I think others of my family will read with pleasure what has furnished occupation for so many of my leisure hours, and will share with me the interest of tracing the family history through so many centuries. I have found no data to lead me to suppose that any other branches of the family are still in existence, but I cannot positively affirm that there are none. The Skipwortus in Lincolnshire use the arms and crest of the Skipwiths, but how they obtained them I do not know; there is no connection between the families. I am under great obligations to Mr. Chancellor Massingberd of Ormesby, and the Rev. Felix Laurent, of Saleby, in Lincolnshire, for the aid they have given me in my researches, especially to the latter, who has supplied me with much valuable information, and I take this opportunity of expressing my thanks to them and also to all others who have assisted me in my enquiries.

Fulwar Charles Skipwith wrote an article on homeopathy for the Calcutta Review Vol XVII in 1846 titled Homeopathy, and again in in the Calcutta Review Calcutta Review 17, 52 in 1852, titled Homeopathy and its Introduction into India,

Of interest:

Francis Skipwith ?was also a son of Sir Grey Skipwith, 8th Baronet 1771 - 1852 (MP for Warwickshire and Warwickshire South, Patron of Leaming Spa Archery in 1851),

Francis Skipwith travelled to New Zealand in 1840, and he is recorded as a sheep farmer in Kaiwharawhara in 1866, and he again travelled to Auckland in 1878,

Fulwar Skipwith 1765

  • 1839 was an American diplomat and politician, who served as a U.S. Consul in Martinique, and later as the U.S. Consul General in France. He was instrumental in negotiating the Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and was President of the Republic of West Florida in 1810. (The third Baronet emigrated to Virginia in the middle of the 17th century. The seventh Baronet lived for most of his life in England but died in Virginia in
  • 1805)

Fulwar Skipwith was in Paris in 1789,

Mary Wilhelmina Skipwith, daughter of Fulwar Charles Skipwith,

Sir Henry Yule’s second marriage in 1877 to Mary Wilhelmina Skipwith, daughter of Fulwar Skipwith of the Bengal civil service, was cut short by her death on 26 April 1881. He received the honorary degree of LLD from Edinburgh in 1884, served as a royal commissioner for the Indian and Colonial Exhibition of 1886, and was created KCSI in 1889. He died at his residence 3 Pen-y-Wern Road, Earls Court, London on 30 December 1889, and was buried on 3 January 1890 at Tunbridge Wells. Shortly before his death he received the news that he had been nominated as a corresponding member of the Institut de France.


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