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David Ridpath 1838 - 1931

March 11, 2010

David Ridpath ?1838 - 1931 MB 1865, CM Edinburgh, MD 1874 Edinburgh, Medical Officer for East Riding, Yorkshire, was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, Member of the British Homeopathic Society,

Ridpath practiced in Sunderland, and at 8 Grange Crescent, Huddersfield, and in Driffield, Yorkshire,

Ridpath’s Obituary is in the University of Edinburgh Journal, Volumes 4-5 in 1931.

‘Sir, Since the death of Dr. Ridpath fifteen months ago this town of 180,000 inhabitants has been without the services of a homeopathic doctor…’ E W Linfoot, Sunderland’ [Letter, The Homeopathic World, June 1932, pp.221-2]

Ridpath wrote ‘The Law of Cure’, a Lecture on Homeopathy, and he submitted many cases and articles to various homeopathic publications, and he provided specimens for the Royal Society of Edinburgh,

20 May 1909: A healthy looking girl of 18. For the past 6 months she has been suffering from epilepsy daily. Symptoms like biting teeth and tongue, foam from mouth, spasmodic contractions of hands and legs were visible. But still a definite reason is not known. Two and a half years earlier, she had a small accident, which injured her head.

Allopathic doctors had said that only an operation could help her, even though partially. But her parents who had heard of the chances were ready for an experiment with Homeopathy before going for a surgery.

After collecting all the necessary information and performing the required tests, she was prescribed ‘Calcaria carb’. Though the disease accentuated for next few days, gradually it decreased in intensity and within a month was completely cured. During this 6 years (1909-1915), she wasn’t attacked once by this disease. (David Ridpath MD The Homeopathician Vol. VI, No.2- 1916 P- 156)

Of interest:

David Ridpath was a confectioner in Edinburgh in 1820,

David Ridpath 1840 - 1863, was a Councilllor in Edinburgh in 1851, Official at the George Herriott Hospital in Edinburgh,


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