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Giovanni Ettore Mengozzi ?1811 - 1882

March 10, 2010

Giovanni Ettore Mengozzi ?1811 - 1882, was an Italian orthodox physician and Professor of Philosophy who converted to homeopathy, and was appointed by Pope Pius IX as Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Rome in 1848, he founded the Royal Homeopathic Institute of Naples in 1864, President of the the La Scuola Italica he founded in 1862,

Mengozzi wrote to Charles Darwin to praise his works, and on 15.12.1880, Charles Darwin accepted membership of Mengozzi’s La Scuola Italica, (

Pope Pius IX appointed Professor Giovanni Ettore Mengozzi, homeopath, Professor of Natural Philosophy at the University of Rome, in 1848 and was short lived for the rush of events that led to the Republic of Rome when Pope Pius IX fled to Gaeta.

The highest aspiration of Mengozzi was as a Professor of Homeopathy but he was never able to obtain it as a result of the heavy work of turning the usual slander from the opponents of homeopathy. When his wife died, he was accused of having killed with poisons used to prepare remedies…

Umberto I was the Patron of La Scuola Italica, (or the Pythagorean Academy),

Mengozzi wrote Una Deliberazione del Consiglio Superiore della Pubblica Istruzione sul Libero Insegnamento Omeopatica della Medicina (A resolution of the Superior Council of Education on Free Course Homeopathic Medicine), Medicina domestica omeopatica considerata siccome ramo di educazione (Homeopathic medicine regarded as domestic branch of education), Breve annunzio intorno alle attuali controversie allopatiche ed omeopatiche di Toscana (A brief announcement about the current controversy allopathic and homeopathic Tuscany), and several books on Natural Philosophy and medicine, Mengozzi also published several books on homeopathy by other authors,


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