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Charles Meymott 1813 - 1867

March 05, 2010

Charles Meymott 1813 - 1867 MRCS 1838, LSA 1836, was a British orthodox physician, Surgeon at Horsemonger Lane Jail, Surgeon Superintendent to HM Emigration Committee, who converted to homeopathy,

Meymott practiced at Kendrick House, London Road, Reading, Berks, and at 59 Stamford Street, London,

Meymott was also a cricketer, and he migrated to Australia, where he became a Physician at the Sydney Homeopathic Dispensary, (see,

Meymott submitted articles to various publications, including Facts Relative to Mesmerism, and he wrote New truths and their reception: a lecture delivered at the School of Arts, Sydney, on the 17th August, 1858,

Of interest:

On 11-12th June 1855, a fund raising Bazaar was held for the London Homeopathic Hospital at the Riding School of the Cavalry Barracks in Kensington, attended by the Marchioness of Aylesbury, the Duchess of Beaufort, Augusta and Honora Cadogan, Augusta Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Mary of Cambridge, the Countess of Craven, Mrs. Crisp, Mrs. Drysdale, Lady Ebury, Mrs. Fussell, Mrs. Hamilton, Mrs. Joseph Hoar, Baron Knesebech, Mrs. Leadam, Miss Meymott, Mrs. Moore, Viscountess Newport, Lady Rokeby, Mrs. Rosher, Alphonse de Rothschild, the Duchess of St. Arpino, Grand Duchess Mecklenburg Strelitz, Mrs. Wilkinson, Lady Willoughby de Broke, the Countess of Wilton, Mrs. Yeldhamon sale were items donated to the cause by Princess Alice, the Duchess of Kent, the Princess of Prussia, and many others,


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