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Alva Benjamin 1884 - 1975

March 01, 2010

Alva Benjamin 1884 - 1975 MB, ChB, FF HOM, was an Australian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become a Physician and Skin Specialist at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital, a Lecturer on Diseases of the Skin at the Missionary School of Medicine (MSM), Founder of the Hahnemann Society, and the President of LIGA (International Homeopathic League),

Alva Benjamin was a colleague of Muriel Francis Adams, Marjorie Grace Blackie, Philip Norman Cutner, Donald MacDonald Foubister, Kathleen Priestman, John Weir, Harold Fergie Woods, and very many others, and he was a teacher of Pichiah Sankaran,

Writing in the the British Medical Journal, Alva Benjamin estimated the number of homeopathic supporters in Britain in 1948 to be ‘over 1 million people’,

Alva Benjamin lived at 46 Bickenhall Mansions, London W1, and at 62 Queen’s Gardens, Bayswater,

Alva Benjamin was an Honours Graduate of Sydney University, (Australia). He came over to England in 1915, to join the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC)…

The Hahnemann Society was Founded in 1958, and was renamed The Homeopathic Society, and it merged with the Homeopathic Trust in 1990, and with the British Homeopathic Association in 1999.

The Missionary School of Medicine at the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital teaching staff included doctors experienced in tropical medicine and other specialities.

The Annual Reports list the teaching staff, many of whom are recognised for their contributions to the development of homeopathy. Donald MacDonald Foubister lectured on Children’s Diseases, as did Kathleen Priestman (who was President of the MSM between 1981 and 1991); Alva Benjamin taught on skin diseases, Charles Edwin Wheeler, John MacKillop and Muriel Francis Adams on general medicine; William Eldon Tucker and Philip Norman Cutner on surgery and H Dodd, who was the vascular surgeon and later became President of MSM in 1952.

Alva Benjamin gave many talks on homeopathy, and he wrote The Role of Homeopathy in the Second Elizabethan Era (Presidential Address), What is Wrong with Present-day Medicine?, The World’s Present Day Need of Homeopathy, articles for various publications, including the British Medical Journal, and the Obituary of Harold Fergie Woods in the British Homeopathic Journal 50, 1961, 135,