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Lawrence Thomas Ashwell 1836 - 1906

February 23, 2010

Lawrence Thomas Ashwell ?1836 - 1906 was a British orthodox chemist who converted to homeopathy, to found the Homeopathic Chemists Keene and Ashwell,

Keene and Ashwell was a Homeopathic Pharmacy in New Cavendish Street, London, 6 South Molton Street, and at 74 New Bond Street, London (where consulting rooms were available), a firm which later became Nelson’s Homeopathic Pharmacy and is still operating today,

Lawrence Thomas Ashwell married Henrietta and they had 3 sons and 3 daughters - one of them Beartice Hamilton Ashwell, the youngest, was the mother of Rachel Kempson, who married Michael Redgrave, so Beartice Hamilton Ashwell was the grandmother of Vanessa Redgrave,

Keene and Ashwell were one of the first homeopathic pharmacies to stock the flower essences of Edward Bach, and they offered chocolate preparations of remedies, and remedy chests,

Lawrence Thoms Ashwell’s Obituary is in The British Homeopathic Review, Volume 50 in 1906,

Lawrence Thomas Ashwell wrote Companion to the British and American homeopathic pharmacopoeias arranged in the form of a dictionary, On the Diseases of Women,and he submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications,and to the British Medical Journal,

Keene and Ashwell published The Prescriber: How to Practise Homeopathy by John Henry Clarke, The Annals of the British Homeopathic Society and of the London Homeopathic Hospital,

Of interest:

Rachel Kempson 1910 – 2003 was an English actress. She married Michael Redgrave, and was the matriarch of the famous acting dynasty, and the mother of Vanessa Redgrave,

Rachel Kempson was the daughter of Beartice Hamilton Ashwell and she was raised with homeopathy and electro homeopathy,