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Thomas Yates 1817 - 1878

February 21, 2010

Thomas Yates ?1817 -  ?1878 was a British orthodox chemist, Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain, who converted to homeopathy to become Dispenser at the Leicester Homeopathic Dispensary, a Founder Member of the Homeopathic Pharmaceutical Company of Great Britain,

Thomas Yates practiced at 14 Market Street, Leicester,

In 1840, Thomas Yates of Bolton le Moors, is listed as a weaving loom manufacturer using steam power

In 1846, Thomas Yates of Bolton le Moors is listed as a cotton manufacturer who went bankrupt

The warp preparation and weaving department will remain as before in charge of Principal Thomas Yates, who will lecture to the plain and fancy fixing…

Did Thomas Yates come across homeopathy in America and retrain as a Chemist? Registered as a Chemist 1868),

In 1861, Thomas Yates (Chemist and Druggist of Leicester) and Henry Turner applied for and obtained a patent for ‘improvements on railway signals’ and ‘improvements in the manufacture of elastic web’,

Thomas Yates wrote A Popular Exposition of the Science of Homeopathy,

Of interest:

Thomas Yates 1776 - 1849 was a Mayor in Leicester in 1823,