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Frederick Luard Wollaston 1803 - 1875

February 21, 2010

Frederick Luard Wollaston 1803 - 1875 was a Patron of the Southampton Homeopathic Dispensary,

Frederick Luard Wollaston was a Proprietor of the East India Company at Chester Place Pimlico, though he also appears as a Barrister at the Middle Temple in 1840, and in the same year he wrote Practical treatise on the law of landlord and tenant, and several other legal books,

Frederick Luard Wollaston (b 1802, 3rd son) m. (17.03.1834) Diana Harriet Sperling (dau of John Sperling of Dynes Hall) other issue

  • George Luard (b 1797, d1801), William Luard (b 1799, d 1821), Alexander Luard (b14.06.1804), Edward Luard (b 18.12.1814), Mary Ann (d 1826), Henrietta, Charliotte, Sophia ((3))    Charles Hyde Wollaston (b 22.11.1772, vicar of East Dereham, 5th son) m. Sarah Willett Otley (dau of William Otley of St. Kitts) ((A)) William Charles Wollaston (b19.12.1795) had issue m. (09.04.1817) Charlotte Jane Fawcett (dau of Rev. Richard Fawcett of Leeds) ((4)) Henry Septimus Hyde Wollaston (b 14.04.1776, 7th son) had issue m1. (23.12.1802) Mary Ann Blankenhagen (d 25.06.1805) m2. (24.06.1813) Frances Buchanan (d 26.12.1827) …

George Hyde Wollaston was born 10 Jul 1765, and died 1841 in of Clapham Common. He married Mary Ann Luard 23 Oct 1796, daughter of William Luard. She was born in of Dorset Street, and died 1817.

Children of George Hyde Wollaston and Mary Luard are: George Luard Wollaston, born 02 Dec 1797; died 21 Feb 1804; William Luard Wollaston, born 01 Nov 1799; died 1820; Mary Anne Wollaston, born 07 Aug 1801; died 1825; Frederick Luard Wollaston, born 06 Oct 1803; died 1875. He married Diana Spurling 1834; Alexander Luard Wollaston, born 1821; died 1874; Henrietta Wollaston, born 20 Mar 1807; died 1873; Charlotte Wollaston, born 1808; died 1882; Edward Luard Wollaston, born 1814; died 1856.

Of interest:

E O Wollaston was on the Management Committee of the Tunbridge Wells and West Kent Homeopathic Dispensary,

E O Wollaston was a Captain in the 62nd Regiment Native Infantry in 1849, resigned 1853,

The Van Hagen family papers passed to Charles Brogden Sperling on the death of his uncle, Frederick Luard Wollaston, who had acted as trustee for his sister in law, Harriett, widow of Henry Van Hagen, and as executor to her mother in law Elizabeth Clara, widow of Frederick Hendrick Van Hagen.

George Hyde  Wollaston 1765 - , father of Frederick Luard Wollaston:

of Clapham Common. George succeeded M Aubert, a friend of the Luards, as a merchant and banker in Genoa.

He imported and exported mainly between England and Italy though he bought and sold elsewhere as well.

After marrying he returned to England and did not go back to Genoa till 1802 during the peace of Amiens when his firm went into voluntary liquidation and was wound up. Prior to this he inherited the estate of his uncle, General West Hyde.

It seems likely that he joined the firm of Messrs. Aubert and Lombard in London. In 1819 he became the accountant to the Gas Company which occupied one day a week. As a result of his business connections, he knew several languages and was well educated.

He wrote two long and most interesting letters of his journey to Paris and Genoa in 1802, comparing the state of France before the French Revolution when he previously knew it with its state in 1802.

He also wrote a very carefully compiled little book called “Clapham and its environs” which was published in 1827 without the author’s name [HWW]. In the 1820s the docks of London were expanding , and the building of St Katherine’s Docks made new river crossings a necessity.

Sir Marc Isambard Brunel put forward a scheme in 1823-24 for a tunnel under the Thames to meet that need. A Company - The Thames Tunnel Company, was formed to promote and finance this venture. George Hyde Wollaston was the chairman of the company.

The work started in 1825, with Brunel’s nineteen year old son, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, as resident engineer. Financial and engineering problems caused the work to be abandoned for five years, no doubt causing the chairman of the company some distress.

Government aid came to the rescue and the tunnel was completed in

  1. By this time George had died and Marc Brunel an invalid (Worn out by anxiety and exertion, says one of his biographers, B.M Crowther, in Chambers’ Encyclopedia). The tunnel is still in use as part of the London Underground system…

George married Mary Ann Luard, daughter of William Luard and Unknown, on 23 Oct 1796. (Mary Ann Luard was born in Dorset Street and died in 1817),

{::}**William Hyde Wollaston** FRS 1766 – 1828, uncle of Frederick Luard Wollaston, was an English chemist and physicist who is famous for discovering two chemical elements and for developing a way to process platinum ore.

In 1793, William obtained a doctorate in medicine from Cambridge University. During his studies there he became interested in chemistry, crystallography, metallurgy and physics.