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Robert Anthony Eden 1st Earl of Avon 1897 – 1977

February 13, 2010

{::}**Robert Anthony Eden 1st Earl of Avon**, KG, MC, PC 1897 – 1977 was a British Conservative politician, who was Prime Minister from 1955 to 1957.

Eden was rumoured to be the great grandson of George Wyndham 1st Baron Leconfield (who was a Vice President of the London Homeopathic Hospital, and a Sponsor of the homeopathic hospital in Smyrna). There has been speculation over the years that George Wyndham (son of George Wyndham 1st Baron Leconfield) was his natural father.

Eden served George V (who was a patient of homeopath John Weir (he knighted him), and Edward VIII (who was also a patient of John Weir and Thomas Jeeves Horder, and who carried his homeopathic doses in powder form around with him in his pocket), and George VI (who was a patient of Thomas Jeeves Horder, John Weir and William Wilson Rorke, and who called one of his racehorses horses Hypericum, and conferred the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital with title), and Elizabeth II,

Eden was a colleague of Stanley Baldwin, Aneurin Bevan, Ernest Bevin, Arthur Neville Chamberlain,


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