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William Alfred Pite? 1860 - 1949

February 11, 2010

William Alfred Pite 1860 - 1949 was a Scottish architect who designed the new extension at the London Homeopathic Hospital in 1893, he also designed King’s College Hospital,

Pite attended the grand opening of the new extension at the London Homeopathic Hospital,

Pite practiced at Upper Montague Street, London, and 6, Jermyn Street, London,

In 1893, Mary Adelaide of Cambridge Duchess of Teck laid the foundation stone for the new extension (Anon, The North American Journal of Homeopathy, Volume 53, (American Medical Union, 1905). Page 240) at the London Homeopathic Hospital, designed by architect William Pite, and in 1895, she opened the new extension of 100 beds at the London Homeopathic Hospital.

From William Alfred Pite was born in 1860, the brother of Arthur Beresford Pite. He worked in partnership with Robert Shekleton Balfour from c.1894 until 1907, and from 1919 worked in partnership with his son Robert William Pite and Hubert Moore Fairweather, who had assisted him since 1906, the practice title being Pite, Son & Fairweather. He retired from practice in 1937 and died on 16 August 1949.

Pite worked with and trained Ormrod Maxwell Ayrton, Arthur James Driver, David Webster Robertson, Harry Edward East, William Harvey Ross, Hubert Moore Fairweather, Frederick Bayliss Nightingale, and many others,

William Pite’s notebook of a study tour of Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia in 1882 is held at the RIBA Archive,

Of interest:

Alfred R Pite, **also an architect, **was an advocate and sponsor of homeopathy in 1873, and a Member of the Management Committee at the London Homeopathic Hospital in 1881,


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