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Robert MacLimont 1825 - 1863

February 02, 2010

Robert MacLimont ?1825 - 1863 MD University Medical College New York, MRCS 1852, was an American orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy,

MacLimont practiced in Guernsey, where he was in partnership with John Ozanne, and after several years of travel abroad in Rome, Nice and Madeira, he settled in Bath where he was appointed as a Physician at the Bath Homeopathic Hospital,

MacLimont was a colleague of Charles Henry Marston,

There appears to be some bad blood between the British homeopathic community and MacLimont, who came into conflict with George Newman, who accused MacLimont of mixed allopathic and homeopathic practice, an observation previously noted in Guernsey by John Ozanne,

MacLimont was a student of John Pattison, a famous British orthodox physician and cancer specialist, affiliated with New York University, who converted to homeopathy, and had over thirteen years and 4000 cases of cancer to report on when he began to publish his reasearch. MacLimont also caused a controversy when he published his report on John Pattison’s cancer research (Charles Henry Marston and Robert MacLimont*, Cancer, and the new mode of treating it, *(1863)), which caused disagreement and contention amongst homeopaths in Britain, some homeopaths were in favour and some were not.

John Pattison was the first person who used hydrastis in the treatment of cancer (in

  1. (both William Bayes and John Pattison had been working with this new remedy), and he was happy to instruct homeopaths as to the use of his ‘paste’(hydrastis mixed with chloride of lime), though a spat did break out in the homeopathic community in 1866 over this issue, when his students Robert MacLimont and Charles Henry Marston wrote an article which did not acknowledge John Pattison’s work in this area sufficiently. A follow up article in the homeopathic press apologised for this oversight.

MacLimont died at home at 15 Catharine Place Bath of Scarlet fever in 1863,

MacLimont submitted cases and articles to The Lancet, and to various homeopathic publications, and he wrote A reply to Dr. Ozanne’s pamphlet, entitled “A complete statement of the facts connected with the dissolution of partnership recently existing between Drs. Ozanne and Maclimont”, Homeopathy the only Law of Cure, The Importance of Climate Change in the first stage of pulmonary consumption, Cancer, and the new mode of treating it (1863) by Charles Henry Marston and Robert MacLimont (based on the research of John Pattison),


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