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Apollinaris Victor Jagielski 1853 - 1920

January 31, 2010

Apollinaris Victor Jagielski ?1853 - 1920 MD Berlin, was a German orthodox physician, Physician to the Prussian Army, who converted to homeopathy and practiced in Britain, where he was awarded MRCP, and FRCP, FBHS, MBMS, Physician at the Middlesex Hospital, Physician at the Margaret Street Infirmary, Governor of the London Homeopathic Hospital, and an advocate of electrotherapeutic baths, Superintendant and Resident Physician to the Royal York Bath Company,

Jagielski practiced at 8, Weymouth Street, and at 14 Dorset Square, and at York Place Regents Park,

Jagielski was present at the 8th International Homeopathic Congress in 1911,

Jagielski suffered a racist attack in 1886 (Anon, Southern Journal of Homeopathy, Volumes 3-4, (Southern Journal Publishing Company, 1886). Page 80) by the allopaths which was widely reported in America (Anon, The Pacific Coast Journal of Homeopathy, Volume 12, (1904). Pages 251 and 254). The allopaths attacked, trying to force Jagielski out of his post because he practiced homeopathy, using racist and unpleasant tactics and by questioning his ‘foreign’ qualifications (note the additions in italics are mine):

From Letter from Norman C King to Dr. Ormerod inquiring whether Apollinaris Victor Jagielski was MRCP,  RCP - LEGAC/2411/34  18 March 1913

(NB: Jagielski was awarded MRCP on 30.4. 1874, as published in the British Medical Journal dated 9.5.1874, and in the List of the fellows, members, extra-licentiates and licentiates published by the Royal College of Physicians of London (Anon, List of the fellows, members, extra-licentiates and licentiates, Royal College of Physicians of London, (1868-1886). Pages 45, 47 and 49) - a fact the allopaths knew very well that Jagielski and Marsh had all the qualifications required by the laws ot the Infirmary (Anon, _Southern Journal of Homeopathy, Volumes 3-4,_ (Southern Journal Publishing Company, 1886). Page 80)).

From history: Another member, Dr. Victor Jagielski, was a trial to the Censors from his first offence in 1883 until his sixth appearance before them in 1904.His first offence was that he engaged in trade; his defense was that as he was a foreigner (he was an MD of Berlin) he did not understand the by laws. In 1886 he was in trouble again for advertising medicinal baths. By 1888 he had become the Resident Consulting Physician to an electrotherapeutic institute (the Royal York Bath Company) (the year he was appointed to the Margaret Street Infirmary). He was admonished and told to sever his connection with the company. He committed a similar offence in 1896. When in 1898 he appeared for the fifth time the Censors’ Board took a stiffer line, reminded him that he had committed a number of offenses over the previous fifteen years, had been repeatedly remonstrated with, reprimanded, and warned. He was told to sever his connection with the baths or resign his membership. He resigned in June 1899, but by October as he had ceased his connection with the baths, asked to have his diploma (awarded MRCP on 30.4. 1874) returned. The Board declined his request. In 1904 Dr. Jagielski was found to be calling himself MRCP, which he was no longer entitled to do (why not?). The Registrar reported this offence to the General Medical Council, which asked whether the College had power under its charter to take legal action against him. The Censors’ Board replied that there was no such provision in the charter or by laws, and that it felt that it had discharged its duty in reporting the offender to the Council. Dr. Jagielski was rebuked and told not to offend again, but was not crossed off the Register (so he was MRCP!). A.M. COOKE MIST. OF R.C.P. LONDON Vol. III P. 905

In 1888, Jagielski took up his position as Physician at the Margaret Street Infirmary, already under fire in 1887 from allopaths for appointing homeopaths to the staff when John Roberson DayKenneth William Millican, and Charles Lloyd Tuckey, were appointed under the Chairmanship of Edmund Becket Lord Grimthorpe. The allopathic medical staff resigned in protest, and Edmund Becket Lord Grimthorpe, unrepentant, then recruited (Anon, Transactions of the … Session of the American Institute of Homoeopathy, Volume 40, (American Institute of Homoeopathy, 1887). Page 129) Jagielski and J Marsh (?-?) (on the staff at the London Homeopathic Hospital),

Jagielski submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications, speaking at various homeopathic meetings and gatherings, and he wrote The Therapeutic Action of the Turkish Bath, On Marienead Spa, and the Diseases Curable by its Waters and Baths, The Value of Koumiss in the Treatment of Nausea, Koumiss and its use in medicine,_ _Vomiting and Instability of Retaining Other Foods in the Stomach,