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William Debenham junior 1824 – 1896

December 23, 2009

DebenhamsWilliam Debenham Junior 1824 – 1896 was the son of the founder of Debenhams, one of the largest retailers in the United Kingdom, Member of the Royal Geographical Society of London,

William Debenham Junior and his wife were ardent supporters of homeopathy (Anon, The British Homeopathic Review, Volume 35, (1891). Page 618), William Debenham Junior was on the Board of Management (Anon, Annals and Transactions of the British Homeopathic Society, (1882). Pages 200 and 208) of the British Homeopathic Society in 1882, and a Sponsor of the Homeopathic Convalescent Home in Eastbourne,

From William Debenham Senior was born in 1794 in Alpheton in Suffolk, William Debenham joined Thomas Clark in a partnership to manage a draper’s store at 44 Wigmore Street in London.

William Debenham Senior married Caroline Freebody in 1820 and together they had six sons and four daughters.

William Debenham Senior died in 1863 at Kensal Rise in London.

The partners later expanded the business such that it had stores on both sides of Wigmore Street, one known as Debenham & Clark and the other known as Clark & Debenham.

When William Debenham Senior retired a new partnership was formed between his son, William Debenham Junior, and Clement Freebody. This business became Debenhams, one of the largest retailers in the United Kingdom.


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