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John Ryan 1811 - 1883

December 21, 2009

**Portsmouth DockyardJohn Ryan **?1811 - ?1883 MD Edunburgh 1838, LRCS Edinburgh 1838, LLD, MBHS was a British orthodox physician. Lecturer of Materia Medica at Charlotte Street School of Medicine, Lecturer of Chemistry at the Royal Polytechnic Institute, Professor of Chemistry for the Admiralty at Portsmouth Dockyard, who converted to homeopathy to become the President of the Northern Homeopathic Medical Assiciation, the Co Editor of the Monthly Homeopathic Review with William Bayes, and Alfred Crosby Pope, and a Member of the Provincial Medical Council of the London Homeopathic Hospital,

John Ryan practiced at 6 Upper Gell Street, Sheffiield,

John Ryan wrote Homeopathic infinitesimal doses, and their analogues in nature, Spurginism, Gastroenterititis caused by the use of large quantities of vinegar, Port Wine and Bark, In Search of the Therapeutic Law,


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