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H R Williams 1814 - 1881

December 19, 2009

**Crosby HallH R Williams **?1814 - ?1881 was a British  importer of foreign wines and spirits, who was on the Management Committee of the London Homeopathic Hospital, and active in homeopathic politics,

H R Williams and C0 operated from Crosby Hall, 32 Bishopsgate Street, until they outgrew this property,

H R Williams who was a member of the firm of wine merchants for many years tenants of the crypt and vault, and he supplied wines for _The Lancet_’s Sanitary Commission on Claret and Burgundy,

H R Williams was an indefatigable campaigner for the poor,

H R William wrote The dens of London: and the poor of Spital-fields. A plea for ragged schools, The dens of London, 40 years’ mission work among the outcast poor of London,

Of interest:

Christopher Williams (1835-1881) was a British Orthodox Physician who converted to homeopathy.

Eubulus Williams MD St. Andrews 1855, MRCS, LM, LSA England 1854, was a British orthodox physician, physician at the Bristol Hospital for Sick Children, Surgeon to the 1st Gloucester Volunteer Artillery Corps, who converted to homeopathy and was immediately shunned by his allopathic colleagues,

Eubulus Williams practiced at Taybank, Tyndall’s Park, Bristol,

Eubulus Williams wrote Address to the Committee and Subscribers of the Bristol Hospital for Sick Children,

Thomas Williams LRCS 1854, was an Irish orthodox physician, member of the Surgery Society of Ireland, who converted to homeopathy,

Thomas Williams practiced at 19 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin,