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Robert Cartwright 1807 - 1883

December 12, 2009

Owestry SchoolRobert Cartwright 1807

Robert Cartwright practiced in Shrewsbury, and lived at 33 Church Street, Owestry,

Robert Cartwright was the son of Robert Cartwright (surgeon at Owestry School) 1771 - 1822, and Margaret Cartwright d 1807, (Robert Cartwright senior married again to Mary Peploe

  • mother of Peploe Cartwright).

Robert Cartwright was educated at Owestry School, and then he went to live in Constantinople (now Instanbul) for several years with his uncle John Cartwright, a Consul General 1820 - 1825.

Robert Cartwright’s Obituary is in Bye Gones in 1883,

Robert Cartwright wrote Shakspere and Jonson: Dramatic, versus wit-combats, and several other works of prose criticism, and he submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications, including Three cases of enlarged glands from the use of Iodinde of Potassium,

Of interest:

John Cartwright, uncle of Robert Cartwright junior,

John Cartwright, British Consul General in Constantinople, filed the following report from Constantinople May 25, 1822 (in, Argenti, Philip. The Massacres of Chios, Described in Contemporary Diplomatic Reports, London, 1932, pp. 39-40.)

“Scio [Chios], with the exception of twenty five of the Mastic Villages, was a complete scene of desolation – the air corrupted by the stench of dead bodies had produced an infectious disorder on board the Turkish Fleet which was daily carrying off its’ victims.  The fate of the unhappy survivors in the Sciote tragedy is miserable indeed – the females and children doomed to slavery from which there will be but little chance of redemption, as all possible means are taken to prevent the sale of them to Christians.  The hostages who were confined in the Castle of Scio as well as those who were here have been put to death.”

In this collection, those of John Cartwright, the long serving Consul General at Constantinople, are of particular interest to students of consular history. This is because it was during his time that the Levant Company was dissolved, and the British government looked to him, as the senior officer in the consular network that the company had hitherto financed and operated, for a detailed report on its staff…

John Peploe Cartwright MRCS, son of Peploe Cartwright, was a surgeon at Owestry Workhouse in 1900,

Peploe Cartwright - 1865, half brother of Robert Cartwright junior, was a Surgeon at Owestry School, and an Alderman at Owestry,


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