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Charles William Dymond 1832 - 1915

December 01, 2009

Stanton DrewCharles William Dymond 1832

Charles William Dymond was a follower of Emanuel Swedenborg, and an advocate of temperance,

Charles William Dymond practiced at 3 Forefield Place, Lyncombe Hill, Bath, where he ran a private hospital,

Charles William Dymond was related to Priscilla Ann Dymond, who was married to John Cadbury,

Dymond was the son of William Dymond, and he was married to Mary Esther in 1860, and they had a daughter Helen Margaret,

Dymond wrote Worlebury: an ancient stronghold in the county of Somerset, Memoir, letters and poems of Jonathan Dymond, Mayburgh and King Arthur’s Round Table, The ancient remains at Stanton Drew in the County of Somerset, The practical value of Christianity, A key to the theory and methods of linear perspective, Stanton Drew and its ancient stones, The megalithic antiquities at Stanton Drew, Guide to Stanton Drew and its ancient stones, group of Cumbrian megaliths, Notes on the Men-an-tol and Chywoon Quoit, Cornwall, Duloe stone circle, Gunnerkeld stone circle, Modern spiritualism, Christianity at the Bar, The Abbot’s Way, Trevethy Stone, Simbolizm,


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