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Rev. T H Morgan 1812 - 1872

November 20, 2009

abolition EnglandRev. T H Morgan ?1812 - ?1872, was a British Baptist Minister, at Harrow on the  Hill in Middlesex, Secretary and Minister of the Baptist Association in Birmingham, the Principal of the Birmingham Scholastic Institution for the Sons of Ministers, Principal of the Shireland Hall School, member of the British and Irish Baptist home mission, member of the Society for the liberation of religion from State patronage and control, and on the Management Committee of the Birmingham Homeopathic Hospital,

Rev. Morgan was a supporter of John Bright, and an abolitionist,

Rev. Morgan spent a short time in the Congo in Africa, and he lived in Boston, Lincolnshire, in Stourbridge, and at Shireland Hall,

Of interest:

The case of the Rev. T H Morgan was recorded in Phantasms of the living by Edmund Gurney (a relative of Katherine Maria Routledge), Frederic William Henry Myers, Frank Podmore, and in Enigmas of psychical research by James Hervey Hyslop,


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