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Charles Mansfield Clarke 1st Baronet 1782 - 1857

November 06, 2009

Sir Charles Mansfield Clarke 1st Baronet 1782 -
1857Sir Charles Mansfield Clarke 1st Baronet 1782 - 1857 MD Lambeth 1827, MA Cambridge 1842, DCL Oxford 1845, member and Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians, member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Assistant Surgeon to the Hertfordshire Militia, Surgeon to 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards, Lecurer in the Diseases of Women and Children, Surgeon at Queen Charlotte’s Lying In Hospital, was a British orthodox physician, Physician to the Queen Dowager Adelaide, President of the Society for the Relief of Woman and Orphans of Medical Men in London and its Vicinity,

Charles Clarke was a friend of Frederick Hervey Foster Quin who in 1838 was eager to investigate homeopathy, but in 1852, he was to deny that homeopathy had been used at Buckingham Palace (obviously a ‘little white lie’ see below*) when placed in a difficult position by the Medical Society (William Fergusson 1st Baronet was also to be similarly treated in 1861),

*Queen Dowager Adelaide was a patient of John Ernst Stapf. John Ernst Stapf attended the Queen Dowager in Nuremberg and saved her life after her allopathic physicians had given up on her.

This incredible cure ‘opened up the mansions of the aristocracy’ across Europe to homeopathy.

However, John Ernst Stapf could not travel to England to become her permanent homeopath, so Harris F Dunsford was called upon to attend her there. Queen Dowager Adelaide was also a friend of Frederick Hervey Foster Quin, and a Patron of his St. James’s Homeopathic Dispensary in 1843.

In 1838, Henry William Paget Marquess of Anglesey wrote to Frederick Hervey Foster Quin:

I saw Sir Charles Clarke today, he talked most liberally of you and of the good the homeopathic system had effected for both Lady Anglesey and me.

‘I proposed to him to meet you at dinner on Friday next, and I hope you will give us your company. I think we shall have some pretty good fun, for Charles Locock 1st Baronet and Harris F Dunsford will also be of the party…’

Sir Charles Mansfield Clarke 1st Baronett. was born on 28 May 1782. He was the son of John Clarke and Biddy Mansfield.

He married Mary Anna Squire, daughter of Wright Thomas Squire, on 17 January 1806.

He died in 1857.

Sir Charles Mansfield Clarke 1st Baronet. graduated with a Doctor of Medicine (M.D.). He was invested as a Fellow, Royal Society (F.R.S.). He was Physician to Queen Dowager Adelaide. He was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Law (LL.D.). He was created 1st Baronet Clarke, of Dunham Lodge, co. Norfolk on 30 September 1831.

Children of Sir Charles Mansfield Clarke 1st Baronet. and Mary Anna Squire: Mary Anna Clarke d. 13 Sep 1841; Catherine Clarke; Maria Agnes Clarke d. 26 Feb 1847; Reverend Sir Charles Clarke 2nd Baronet b. 15 Jun 1812, d. 25 Apr 1899; John Clarke b. 16 Aug 1823, d. 8 May 1906.

_The Lancet__ _described Charles Mansfield Clarke as ’one of the most distinguished ornaments of the medical profession‘,

Charles Mansfield Clarke’s Obituary is in _The Lancet_ and in The Times in 1857.

Of interest:

Rev Charles Clarke2nd Baronet, son of Charles Mansfield Clarke, was a supporter of homeopathy in 1872,

J S Clarke was a British homeopath in 1854,


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