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John Villiers Shelley 7th Baronet Shelley of Michelgrove 1808 – 1867

October 22, 2009

Maresfield ParkJohn Villiers Shelley 1808 – 1867 was a British politician and MP. On the death of the 6th Baronet he became the 7th Baronet Shelley of Michelgrove on 28 Mar 1852.

John Villiers Shelley was also the Chairman of the Bank of England, a Justice of the Peace, and a Provisional Director of the South-Eastern, Brighton, Lewes and Newhaven Railway,

John Villiers Shelley was a friend of Edwin Henry Landseer, and in 1866, Shelley was part of the of the Association for the Trial of Preventative and Curative Treatment in the Cattle Plague by the Homeopathic Method,

In 1866, John Villiers Shelley was part of the of the Association for the Trial of Preventative and Curative Treatment in the Cattle Plague by the Homeopathic Method, with William Pitt Amherst 2nd Earl Amherst, Henry Charles FitzRoy Somerset 8th Duke of Beaufort, Ralph Buchan, William Alleyne Cecil Lord Burghley 3rd Marquess of Exeter, George Thomas Keppel 6th Earl of Albemarle, William Coutts Keppel Viscount Bury 7th Earl of Albemarle (the Earl of Albemarle’s son), James Key Caird 1st Baronet, Colonel Challoner, George Grimston Craven 3rd Earl of Craven, Henry William Dashwood 5th Baronet, C J Dring, Patrick Dudgeon, Robert Grosvenor 1st Baron Ebury, Francis Richard Charteris 10th Earl of Wemyss Lord Elcho, Arthur Algernon Capell 6th Earl of Essex, Richard Grosvenor Earl Grosvenor 2nd Marquess of Westminster, Philip Howard Frere, Edward Kerrison, Henry Charles Keith Petty Fitzmaurice 5th Marquess of Lansdowne, Lord Llanover, Colonel Farnaby Lennard, George Loch, Archibald Keppel MacDonald, Arthur de Vere Capell Viscount Malden, John Winston Spencer Churchill 7th Duke of Marlborough (Chairman), Frederick Francis Maude, William Miles, James Moore, Charles Gordon Lennox 5th Duke of Richmond, Charles Marsham 3rd Earl of Romney, Sir Anthony Rothschild, John Robert Townshend 1st Earl Sydney, Lt. Colonel Charles Towneley, Augustus Henry Vernon, William Warren Vernon, Arthur Richard Wellesley 2nd Duke of Wellington (1807-1884), William Wells,

John Villiers Shelley lived at Maresfield Park, and he built the gatehouse there in 1847, and he had a valuable herd of cattle, and Shelley held an annual cattle fair at Maresfield Park on the 4th September every year.

Parliament was extremely converned that Maresfield Park was in the hands of a German family in 1917, having passed to them through John Shelley’s line,

John Villiers Shelley played cricket for England, as his father also had done.

John Villiers Shelley wrote Comparative results on a two-hundred-acre farm: at the present time, and several other books on tenancy and farming,


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