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Percy Roberts Wilde 1853 - 1935

October 16, 2009

The Circus BathPercy Roberts Wilde 1853? - 1935? MB, CM Aberdeen 1880, FBHS, MD 1883, was an orthodox physician, Honorary Physician and Medical Officer at the Lansdowne Hospital in Bath, who converted to homeopathy, to become Medical Superintendent at the West of England Hydro, Physician at the Bath Homeopathic Hospital, President of the British Homeopathic Society, Editor of The Monthly Homeopathic Review, Editor of _The Medical Annual and Practitioner’s Index. Percy Roberts _Wilde introduced the remedy silica into the homeopathic pharmacopoeia,and he also proved cocaine and Mag sulph. Wilde also devised a ‘Hot Box’ or ‘Vaporium’ for treatments with heat and cold,

Wilde was a friend of James John Garth Wilkinson, and his name is in both of his address books at 23 Circus, Bath  (Swedenborg Archive Address Book of James John Garth Wilkinson dated 1895. _See also Swedenborg Archive *{::}_Address Book of James John Garth Wilkinson ‘Where is it’ dated 1.10.1892*),

Wilde was the homeopathic practitioner of Gerard Van De Linde, and he was a colleague of Bevill, David Dyce Brown, Gilbert, James Johnstone, J H McKechnie, MacLachlan, and many others,

Wilde practiced at 23 The Circus, Bath, and at 64 Seymour Street, Bath, and for over forty years, he conducted experiments and research into pathology and homeopathy. Wilde was also an amateur actor,

Wilde wrote Hindrances to truth, Pyretic treatment of rheumatism and allied and disorders, The physiology of gout, rheumatism and arthritis, The elimination of medical sectarianism, The dictionary of new treatment, and he also submitted many cases and articles to various homeopathic publications, including Rheumatism: Some Investigations respecting its cause, treatment and cure, In the Footsteps of Hahnemann, Stimuli and the Organism, Provings of Cocaine, Kali Bichromium in Syphilitic Nodes, Energy, in Its Relation to Drug Action, On the Kyrograph, Utilising Flames of Gas Burners and the like for heating purposes, Drug Attenuated beyond the Demonstable Divisability, The Art of Bathing, Therapeutics, Thermotherapeutics, Notes on Bandages, and many other lectures, and articles. Wilde also edited A Complete Work of Reference for Medical Practitioners,

Of interest:

Frederick Wilde LM Medical Officer to the Cheltenham Homeopathic Dispensary in 1901,

Herbert Henry Wilde MB, CM Edinburgh, LRCP, LRCS Edinburgh, Medical Officer to the Brighton Homeopathic Dispensary in 1901, and previously Medical Officer at the Liverpool Homeopathic Dispensary. Herbert Wilde practiced at 18 Clifton Terrace Brighton,

John Wilde MRCS England, LRCP Edinburgh, was a Surgeon at the Southampton Homeopathic Dispensary in 1868, and he also practiced in Weston Super Mare in 1873,

Stanley Wilde LRCP, LRCS Edinburgh, was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy to become Physician at the Nottingham Homeopathic Disepnsary, Stanley Wilde also practiced in Cheltenham in 1898,