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Charles Mondain 1851- 1943

October 15, 2009

VihiersCharles Mondain 1851?- 1943? MD was a French orthodox physician, physician at the Université de Paris, who converted to homeopathy to become one of the founders of the Laboratoires Homéopathiques Modernes,

Mondain was a colleague of Rene Baudry, Bernay, Mauritius Fortier Bernoville, Jean and Henri Boiron, Chiron, Miguel Balari Costa, Roger Douris, Jean Pierre Gallavardin, J A Lathoud, Augusto Vinyals Roig, Rouy, Leon Vannier, and many others.

Mondain practiced in Vihiers, and at 41, rue Joinville, La Havre,

With his friends, Drs. Mondain and Chiron, Leon Vannier opened a homeopathic dispensary on boulevard Montparnasse which remained in business until 1914.

The development of frictions led a group of Parisian physicians, led by Rouy, Mondain, and Mauritius Fortier Bernoville, to break with the directions of Leon Vannier and to create the Modern Homeopathy movement.

Rouy, Mondain, and Mauritius Fortier Bernoville, friends of Rene Baudry, called him to Paris to found a new national laboratory. He accepted, provided he could keep the laboratory in Lyon. Thanks to Mondain, a friend of the Boiron family, Rene Baudry met Jean and Henri Boiron, young graduates in search of a job. They became his colleagues in the founding of the Laboratoires Homéopathiques Modernes [Modern Homeopathic Laboratories] starting in 1932.

Two cases of peritoneal tuberculosis have been successfully treated with the serum, one by Leon Vannier, the other by Charles Mondain… The tuberculin of Denys’ in high dilution is also used by Antoine Nebel, Leon Vannier, Chiron, and others. From The Nosodes by Henry Clay Allen.

Mondain wrote Contribution à l’étude des pseudo-étranglements de l’intestin, Traitement de la fièvre typhoid Hom Franc 12, 896-918,1912, Essais en vue du diagnostic des états précancéreux with Roger Douris, and he submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications, including articles on the use of eletricity, the use of radiation, the use of x-rays, A study of Blood Serum with reference to the Diagnosis of Precancerous Conditions, and he wrote forewords to Dr. Gilbert Charette, … Qu’est-ce que l’homoeopathie?, Dr. Leon Fox, … Répertoire homoeopathique,


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