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George K Prince 1808 - 1874

October 13, 2009

BidefordGeorge K Prince 1808? - 1874? MD was a British orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy,

George K Prince was also on the Management Committee of the English Homeopathic Association alongside William Henry Ashurst, John Burnett, Edward Cronin, Paul Francois Curie, A O Deacon, Robert S Dick, George Napoleon Epps, John Epps, Robert Frith, Joseph Glover, Robert Grosvenor, George Hayes, Thomas H Johnstone, Henry KelsallJohn Miller, Henry P Osman, William MacOubrey, Charles Thomas Pearce, William Perkins, James Stansfeld, Peter Stuart, Allan Templeton, James Thomson, William Warne, James Wilson,

George K Prince practiced in Bideford,


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