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Daniel Parenteau 1858 - 1938

October 10, 2009

ParisDaniel Parenteau 1858?- 1938 MD was a French Ophthalmologist, Physician to the Hospital St. Jacques in Paris, Chief of the Board of Ophthalmology, member of the Societie d’Ophthalmologie de Paris, who converted to homeopathy, member and Secretary of the Societe Francaise d’Homeopathie,

Parenteau was the homeopathic physician of Camille Pissarro, and he was a colleague of Francois Cartier, Conan, Escalle, Faure, Faute, Guinard, Marc Jousset, Pierre Jousset, Love, Nimier, Leon Francois Adolphe Simon, Leon Vannier, and many others,

Parenteau practiced in Paris, at 73 Rue de Rocher,

Pareneau attended the International Homeopathic Congress in Paris in 1889,

Camille Pissarro also consulted Daniel Parenteau, an Ophthalmologist who utilized homeopathic therapy,

TWELFTH ANNUAL MEETING OF THE AMERICAN HOMOEOPATHIC, OPHTHALMOLOGICAL, OTOLOGICAL AND LARYNGOLOGICAL SOCIETY, HELD IN ATLANTIC CITY, N. J., JUNE 19TH AND 20TH, 1899. Soon after assuming office the corresponding members selected at the last meeting, Charles Thomas Knox Shaw and Dudley d’Auvergne Wright of London, England, and Dr. Parenteau of Paris, France, were each notified of  their election. Dr. Parenteau did not reply to his letter of notification or to one sent by the President later.

Parenteau’s Obituary is in The Pacific Coast journal of homeopathy, Volume 49 iin 1938 by Leon Vannier,

Daniel Parenteau wrote Leçons de clinique ophthalmologique, Éducation de l’oeil et de son hygiène. Le livre des mères, Therapeutique Homoeopathique en Ophtalmologie, and he submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications, including The Homeopathic Treatment of Cataract, The Homeopathic Treatment of Glaucoma, Albuminous Retinitis, Some Rare Cases of Asthenopia, A New Procedure in Partial Tentotomy of the External Recti Muscles, Des traumatismes oculaires,


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