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Jean Jarricot 1877 - 1962

October 09, 2009

Jean JarricotJean Jarricot 1877 - 1962 MD was a French orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, Chief Physician of the laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine in Lyon, Director and Founder of the Dispensaire Rene Quinton de Lyon, physician at the medical research in pharmodynamics at St. Rambert I’lle Barbe, Rhône, Honorary President of the Rhône Homeopathy Society, Honorary member of Barcelona Medico Homeopathic Society, Associate member of the Hahnemanian Institute of Brazil, Laureate of the Académie Française, and developer of Quinton Marine Plasma,

Jarricot was a student of Antoine Nebel, and he was a colleague of Daniel, Henry Duprat, Heurtault, Charles Pahud, Quenot, Rouy, Vidouze and many others,

We should add that Antoine Nebel had that simplicity and goodness that are the hallmarks of great souls? Those who called on him to recall the warm welcome they have found with him…. Nebel’s disciples were Daniel, Henry Duprat, Heurtault, Jean Jarricot, Charles Pahud, Quenot, Rouy, and Vidouze….

“Moreover, Antoine Nebel was assisting us to build what he called the family tree of our major substantive remedies, whose clinical pictures enriched by him, the pathogenesis of our remedies.  The value of the contributions to our therapy by Antoine Nebel cannot be challenged.

As an excellent Jean Jarricot, in his account of the recent work of our Vice President , Dr. Rouy, our Master Hahnemann’s legacy in his discoveries and teaching the “seeds of future harvests.  It is the duty of his disciples to grow these seeds, which have Antoine Nebel has largely contributed.

French homeopathic physician and experimenter in the field of radiesthesia. Born July 14, 1877, at Saint Genis Laval, Rhône, France, he studied at Lyon University. Jarricot was laboratory director at the medical school of Lyon University and was on the staff for medical research in pharmodynamics at St. Rambert I’lle Barbe, Rhône.

He was honorary president of the Rhône Homeopathy Society; an honorary member of Barcelona Medico-Homeopathic Society; an associate member of the Hahnemanian Institute of Brazil; and a laureate of the Académie Française (1960).

His article A quel cadre de reférences rattacher les faits de parapsychologie? (In what terms of reference should we consider parapsychology?) was published in La Tour Saint Jacques (May 1958).

He died November 13, 1962.

Dr. Jean Jarricot (deceased in 1962) of Lyon, France, was essentially a biology researcher. One time head doctor of the laboratory of the Faculty of Medicine in Lyon, Jean Jarricot was a fierce defender of homeopathy without having been exclusively an homeopath.

Dr. Jarricot was the founder and director of the Dispensaire René Quinton in Paris. Thalassotherapy - a very successful French society, was capably represented by Dr. Jarricot at the helm.

The single most astonishing document is the text of the speech (titled Marine Origins and Pediatric Life) given by Dr Jean Jarricot at a medical convention in 1938. This reveals clinical use of Quinton Marine Plasma 103 years ago in what may have been the world’s first successful epigenetic experiment!

Disease related gene expression turned off by Marine Plasma in pregnant mothers - ALL newborns were disease free.

Marine Origins and Pediatric Life: Extracts of the Acts of Congress of Thalassotherapy Monpellier 1938 given by Jean Jarricot:

I  Introduction I wish to thank the organizers of this Congress that was dedicated to the ‘grand finale’ of the infinite powers of Quinton Marine Plasma, to have given me the renewed opportunity to expound some of the ideas to which I have applied my work for the past 25 years or so.

Despite the fact that I have been accorded an exceptionally long discourse time (and I sincerely thank the Congress Bureau for that) my task comprises such a vast domain that I will still be constrained and can only touch upon the points that I want to particularly draw your attention to.

My demonstration will therefore take a schematic tour, which I regret not to be able to avoid. This will be even more accentuated in this present memo by the fact that it is, in itself, the succinct résumé of a conference that is already extremely condensed.

II. — The biological origins of the Quinton Marine Method a) Rene Quinton (the ‘French Darwin’) started at the very top. Why are things the way they are? Since life propagates itself, that’s because life is self sufficient and has all the means to propagate itself.

All biological acts are useful. It is the research into this usefulness that should be the departure point of more complete knowledge of the phenomena of our present day life, as well as what prompted the disappearance of various life forms.

b) The study of contemporaneous animal temperatures, and those of successive animal forms that existed parallel to the progressive cooling of the globe, shows clearly that life clings to, and wants to maintain, the temperature of its origins throughout the various cosmic variations (Law of Thermal Constancy by Rene Quinton).

c) The Thermal Constancy is not an isolated phenomenon. Life is associated with other characteristics.

These are: the Aquatic Constancy, which regulates the considerable quantity that is contained in protoplasm; Osmotic Constancy, developed in the organism

by the presence of the characteristic salts of seawater. The salt content not only applies to a rather constant mineral formulation of ocean seawater but also extends to the unique constancy of components that are in seawater as well as in organisms; and finally also applies to the relative proportions of salts that are found in one or the other by means of chemical analysis.

d) In summary, an organism, however high it is on the ladder of animal development, is like a marine aquarium where all constituent cells continue to live in original aquatic conditions (General Law of Marine Constancy by Rene Quinton).

e) The survival of white blood cells in Marine Plasma, the survival of dogs that were totally drained of their blood and then injected with replacement Marine Plasma, the survival of dogs that had Marine Plasma injected that totaled more than their own weight, and many similar experiments, prove the non toxicity of Rene Quinton’s special seawater.

In those experiments, an isotonic form of Quinton Marine Plasma, which is the pure seawater extracted from the plankton bloom diluted with natural spring water (about 9ppt mineral content). It is then cold sterilized with a porous porcelain filter and stored in lead free glass containers.

f) These evidently vital and toxin less properties led to therapeutic trials and finally to the intra tissular injection of isotonic Marine Plasma. Experiments conducted by Mr. Magé and Potocki, birth specialists in Paris hospitals, and who provided Rene Quinton with proof of the superiority of Marine Plasma over artificial serum (a superiority that is already evident in the physiology laboratory), the Marine Method could not help but enter into day to day usage in practice.

This happened around 1905 with a success that was immediate and that should be definitive. This it is today, as proven by time. As far as I am concerned, and without talking about my city children clientele, the children that have been followed in my Lyon Dispensary number more than 4,000.

The number of injections that have been made number more than 150,000. The number of cubic centimeters injected would be in the millions.

Important photographic collections, spread over 25 years, permit us to see decisive proof that supports the clinical results that I will show here.

The number of injections (Marine Plasma injections done by the Dispensary in Paris) are 100,000 a year. The number of practitioners who use Marine Plasma by injection augments every day and that since a considerable time… and I reiterate: Time has vindicated the use of Marine Plasma as the Marine Method of Rene Quinton. (continue reading:)

Jarricot was a scientific researcher into homeopathy, and his papers include Recherches expérimentales de tests pour estimer l’activité du remède homéopathique 1932, The Infinitessimals of Homeopathic Physicians Editions des Laboratoires 1951, and he also wrote Les Journées rhodaniennes d’homéopathie, L’infinitésimal des homéopathes, Le dispensaire marin: un organisme nouveau de puériculture, La radiesthésie, Rôle social et pratique du fonctionnement des consultations de nourrissons, Pendule et médecine, Physique et mental en radiesthésie, Morphol. de 2 crânes scaphocéphales, Note sur un cas de pseudo-hermaphrodisme, Sur une figurine scaphoïde de l’ancienne Egypte, Analyse morphologique de deux crânes scaphocéphales, Titres et travaux scientifiques, Sur les variations saisonnières du nombre des conceptions à Lyon, Proches hivers: poésies, L’oeuvre lyonnaise des consultations Budin, Sur un cas d’incisives centrales surnuméraires, avec présence d’un tubercule de Duchworth, Incisives centrales surnuméraires avec tubercule de Duckworth, La part du photographe en radiographie, Etude anatomique d’un monstre humain pseudencéphale, Quinton biologiste: et les principes de sa méthode en thérapeutique infantile, Louis Lortet et les études égyptologiques, Pseudo-hermaphrodisme, Recherches anthropologiques sur le crâne et le bassin, Contributions à l’étude de la craniométrie, L’Anthropogénie mosaïque et l’exégèse positive,