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Alexander Rosendorff 1871 – 1963

October 01, 2009

EstoniaAlexander Rosendorff 1871 – 1963 MD was an Estonian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy,

Rosendorff was a colleague of Heinrich Lahmann, Cesare Mattei,

One of the most famous Estonian homeopaths, Alexander Rosendorff  had to leave the country in 1942. He had studied medicine in Tartu and was introduced to naturopathy by Dr Heinrich Lahmann in Dresden.

He also became acquainted with electrohomeopathy when he met Cesare Mattei. The sign which he had installed in 1920 outside his practice in Reval, Waldstraße however, said: ‘homeopath’. This practice in which he obviously applied a great variety of alternative therapies was so successful that, according to a contemporary, that his patients happily endured long waiting times.

Rosendorff wrote Neue Erkenntnisse in der Naturheilbehandlung. Ausfünfzigjähriger Praxis,