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Bernay 1854 - 1931

September 29, 2009

LyonBernay 1854? - 1931? MD was a French orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, a member of the International Homeopathic Congress,

Bernay was a colleague of  Rene Baudry, Mauritius Fortier Bernoville, Jean and Henri Boiron, Jean Pierre Gallavardin, J A Lathoud, Charles Mondain, Rouy, Leon Vannier, and many others.

In 1929, several homeopathic physicians in Lyon (Drs. Lathoud, Bernay, and Jean Pierre Gallavardin) asked Rene Baudry to found a laboratory pharmacy specialized in homeopathy. The Laboratoire Général Homéopathique Rhodanien [Rhodanian General Homeopathic Laboratory] was opened on August 1, 1930, at 38, rue Thomassin in Lyon and was taken over by Jean Boiron in 1932.

Bernay submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications.