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Vladimir Basargin 1838 - 1893

September 26, 2009

ice floesVladimir Basargin 1838 - 1893 was a Russian Rear Admiral and geographer who was a member of the Board of the St. Petersburg Society of Homeopathic Physicians,

Vladimir Basarguine was educated at the School of Naval Cadet Corps on September 13 in 1853, he left this institution to the rank of Marine Guard (rank of the Imperial Russian Navy into force in 1716 to 1917).

With the rank of midshipman in the navy, on May 4th 1855, he received his assignment to serve in the Fleet Baltic Sea. In 1857 aboard the sloop udav, he sailed from Kronstadt to go to Black Sea. From 1858 to 1860 aboard the corvette Rynda (commissioned in 1886 - on May 8th 1917 was called the Liberator - Scrapping the 12 May 1922 - one of the first boats to steel hull) under the command of Captain Alexander Nikolayevich Andreyev he began a round trip of Kronstadt in the Far East.

For his excellent service record, Vladimir Basarguine was promoted to Lieutenant of the Navy October 17 1860. In 1861, aboard the sloop Novik (commissioning in 1856 - sunk on September 14 1863), Vladimir Basarguine participated in an expedition to the Pacific Ocean.

On August 12th 1862, he made a study tour basins in the North  Western Bay of Peter the Great) (shipping Bakhin). On November 21 1862 appointed commander of the corvette Rynda. In 1863, in San Francisco, he joined the fleet of the Pacific under the command of cons Admiral Andrey Popov (1821 - 1898) and sailed off the west coast of the North America. On his way he stopped to Arkhangelsk and studied the River Stikine located in the Strait Frederik.

From March 15 to October 25 1864 he made his way back to the port of Revel. On 1 January 1865 Vladimir Basarguine was promoted to the rank of captain poruchik Fleet Baltic Sea. From 1867 to 1877 Vladimir Basarguine exercised command aboard the frigate Prince Pozharsky. On 1 January 1872 promoted to captain (second (equivalent to grade lieutenant in the Air Force and Infantry).

From 1873 to 1875, he participated in an expedition to the Mediterranean. On 1 January 1877 he was promoted to the rank of Captain first rank (equivalent to the rank of colonel in the infantry and the Air Force). On November 24 1880 Vladimir Basarguine was appointed commander of the warship Peter the Great On April 25 1883 appointed commander the cruiser armored Dmitry Donskoy (commissioned in 1885 - sank on May 27 1904).

On March 15 1885 Vladimir Basarguine was appointed head of a detachment of artillery of the fleet in the Baltic Sea. On February 26 1886 Vladimir Basarguine was admitted later in his Imperial Majesty Tsar Alexander III of Russia.

From 1880 to 1891 Vladimir Basarguine accompanied the Tsarevich Nicolas Alexandrovich of Russia (later Tsar Nicholas II of Russia) on his journey that took him to Trieste in the Far East and then accompanied the heir to the throne of Russia, out of Vladivostok, he crossed the Siberia to reach St. Petersburg.

On 1 January 1892, Vladimir Basarguine was promoted to vice admiral and lieutenant-general. In 1892 Vladimir Basarguine accompanied the Imperial family during his travels in the Baltic Sea and Crimea.

During his stay in Yalta Vladimir Basarguine caught cold, He died on April 16 1893 and was buried in the Lavra Trinity-Saint Sergius in St. Petersburg.


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