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M Hanusch 1803 - 1871

September 25, 2009

TisnovM Hanusch 1803? - 1871? MD was a Czech orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy,

Hanusch was a student of Samuel Hahnemann and one of his provers, and Hanusch was a colleague of Adolph Heinrich Gerstel, Frederick Hervey Foster Quin,

Hanusch practiced in Tischnowitz in Moravia,

The English homeopath Frederick Hervey Foster Quin arrived in 1831 in the small Moravian town of Tisnov in order to assist his colleagues Adolph Heinrich Gerstel, and Hanusch, who had become sick, with treating the numerous cholera patients in the town.

According to the mayor of this town, Ernst Dieble, 680 of the 6671 inhabitants had contracted cholera. 331 of these patients were treated allopathically, but only 229 of these were cured. Of the 278 patients who received homeopathic therapy, apparently only 27 died.


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