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Franz Josef Hofrichter 1803 – 1883

September 25, 2009

PragueFranz Josef Hofrichter 1803 – 1883 MD was a Czech orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, Lecturer and Physician at the Homeopathic Department of the Medical Faculty at the Charles University in Prague,

Hofrichter was an active participant in homeopathic provings, and he was a colleague of Elias Altschul, Docent, Dorner, John James Drysdale, Salomon Duseny, Nathan Elsass, Feversbend, Joseph Halla, Heinrichson, Hirsch, Kafka, Komareck, Kowscz, Kovacz, Mayer, Michl, Porges, John Rutherford Russell, Seegen sen., Seegen jun., Mogens Abraham Sommer, Teller, Wehle, Zollner, and many more,

On 15.3.1821, the government of Bohemia indirectly granted license for homeopaths to dispense their remedies,

In 1851 Hofrichter was present at the Hahnemann Jubilee in Liepsig,

Fourteen homeopaths were practising in Prague alone at the time: Salomon Duseny, Elias Altschul, Dr Hirsch, Dr Nathan Elsass, Docent, Dr Hofrichter, Dr Kafka, Dr Komareck, Dr Kovacz, Dr Michl, Dr Porges, Dr Seegen sen., Dr Seegen jun., Dr Teller, Dr Wehle.

Hofrichter was a ’small, lively man’ who was critical of the repertories he had available, and he made sections of his own repertory, on toothache, and he had plans to prepare a complete repertory,

Hofrichter submitted various cases and articles to various homeopathic publications,