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Karoly Fulop Starovessky 1805 - 1872

September 23, 2009

CroatiaKaroly Fulop** Starovessky** 1805? - 1872? was a Croatian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, a member of the German Central Association of Homeopathic Physicians,

Starovessky was a colleague of Joseph Attomyr, Bernstein, Claudius, Friedrich Wilhelm Karl Fleischman, Gulyas, Gutmann, Ivanovich, Jaekel, Kazinski, Keiller, Melicher, Josef Muller, Necher, Pezval, Sator, Schellhammer, Scholz, Schwarz, Stantzky, Vattenchich, Wirkner, Gustav von Struve, Count Karoly Csaky de Korosszeg et Adorjan, Count Imre Emmerich Festetics,

Starovessky wrote Dissertatio inaug. medica complectens pathologiam tracheitidis infantum. Medica complectens pathological tracheitidis infantum. 1816. Pestini


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