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John Sutcliffe Hurndall 1847 - 1907

September 12, 2009

Horse vetJohn Sutcliffe Hurndall 1847? - 1907? MRCVS, was a British orthodox Veterinary Surgeon who converted to homeopathy,

Hurndall practiced in Liverpool, and at Sussex Villas, Cornwall Gardens, West London,

Hurndall wrote Veterinary homoeopathy in its application to the horse, Dogs in health and disease: as typified by the greyhound, Bearing reins: a plea for their abolition, The principle of homoeopathy successfully applied in the treatment of parturient apoplexy, commonly called milk fever when occurring among cows kept for breeding or dairy purposes, A Code of Common Suggestive Symptoms, Homoeopathy in its Application to the Horse, and he also submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications,


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