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Friedrich August Gunther 1841 - 1900

September 11, 2009

Cattle plagueFriedrich August Gunther ?1825 - 1900? MD was a German orthodox physician and Veterinary Surgeon who converted to homeopathy,

In 1850, Gunther treated an outbreak of cattle plague with homeopathy,

Gunther was a colleague of Richard Haehl, Christian Theodore Herrmann,

Gunther wrote New manual of homoeopathic veterinary medicine, The hand-book to veterinary homopathy, and many books on veterinary homeopathy in German. Gunther also submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications, and he was widely quoted in books on homeopathic veterinary practice, and orthodox veterinary practice, by various authors in Britain and America.

Of interest:

Albert Gunther of leipzig wrote an article in the Homeopathic Physician Volume 12 in 1892,

G W Gunther is listed in the homeopathic medical directory of the great britain and ireland as a homeopath in Middlesex in 1872,