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Tsar Alexander I 1777 – 1825

September 07, 2009

Tsar Alexander I 1777 –  1825Tsar Alexander I **1777 –  1825, also known as **Alexander the Blessed, served as Emperor of Russia from 23 March 1801 to 1 December 1825 and Ruler of Poland from 1815 to 1825, as well as the first Russian Grand Duke of Finland and Lithuania.

Alexander I was a patient of Begelius, and he awarded Carl Bernhard Trinius the Order of St. Vladimir IV Class,

Alexander knew Napoleon Bonaparte, Francis I of Austria**, ** Klemens Wenzel Prince von Metternich, Johann Josef Wenzel Graf Radetzky von Radetz,

According to Carl Bojanus, Homeopathy entered Russia in the last years of Emperor Alexander I’s rule. In 1824, Karl Jakob Adam, who had become acquainted one year before to Samuel Hahnemann, arrived in Russia from Germany. […]. He introduced to homeopathy Dr. O F Scherring, who later became the Chief physician of the Special Guardian Board


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