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William C Lord 1801 - 1874

September 04, 2009

Captain of17th LancersWilliam C Lord 1801? - 1874 FRPS, MRCVS was an Irish orthodox Veterinary Surgeon of the 14th Light Dragoons, and of the Duke of Cambridge’s Own 17th Lancers (most famous for its participation in the Charge of the Light Brigade in the Crimean War), Veterinary Surgeon to the Cavalry Barracks Canterbury, who converted to homeopathy,

William C Lord was a colleague of William Haycock, James Moore

In 1865, William C Lord put forward the modern theory of viral transmission of disease as we know it today, although he used the word ‘protozoa’ instead of ‘virus’ (Clive A. Spinage, Cattle Plague: A History, (Springer, 2003). Page 72).

5th Lancers - Act. Vet. Surg. Edward Stanley to be vet. surg., vice William C. Lord, transferred to the Cavalry Depot, Canterbury - 24th June, 1862.

William C Lord submitted many cases and articles to various homeopathic publications, and to various veterinary and related publications, and he wrote The Homeopathic Treatment of Distemper in Dogs,

William C Lord was the son of the Rev. John Lord, the Rector of Mitchell’s town, Co. Cork,

William C Lord’s Obituary is in the Monthly Homeopathic Review in 1874, and in The British Homeopathic Review,

Of interest:

R P G Lord MRCVSL, was also a homeopathic veterinary Surgeon, who wrote The veterinary vade mecum, and he also submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications,


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