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Patrick A Brady 1826 - 1878

August 30, 2009

Kings College AberdeenPatrick A Brady 1826? - 1878 MD was an Irish orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy and was refused his graduation diploma at Kings College Aberdeen, and he was also refused a position as Surgeon at Bradford Infirmary in 1852, alongside John Le Gay Brereton 1827 – 1886 (who eventually emigrated to Australia where he opened the first Turkish bath in Australia), as a result.

The Association for the Protection of Homeopathic Students and Practitioners immediately came to his aid. In 1852, Patrick A Brady received his medical diploma.

Patrick Brady practiced in Bradford, Huddersfield and Sunderland.

Patrick Brady’s Obituary is in the British Homeopathic Review in 1878.

Of interest:

In 1855, James John Garth Wilkinson wrote to Benjamin Hall to argue the case for provision of homeopathy into local hospitalsintimating that Francis William Brady MP would argue the case for homeopathy (in fact James John Garth Wilkinson calls Francis William Brady MP the ’Luther of Homeopathy in the House of Commons’).

In 1867, Francis William Brady MP and Thomas Emerson Headlam MP, ****managed to influence (Anon, The Medical Times and Gazette, Volume 1, (John Churchill, 1867). Page 704) the Vaccination Act 1867, and in that same year, Frederick Hervey Foster Quin was able to obtain an amendment to the Medical Registration Bill; a clause was added enabling the Privy Council to withdraw the right to award degrees from any university that tried to impose the type of medicine practised by its graduates.

G S Brady submitted a paper, On the Medical Action of Glonoine, to the British Journal of Homeopathy, Volume 18 in 1860.