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Baroness E C de Calabrella 1793 - 1857

August 19, 2009

Paris opera 1850Baroness E C de Calabrella 1793? - 1857 was a British Socialite, authoress and poet.

Calabrella was a friend of Marguerite Power Farmer Gardiner Countess of Blessington, Count Alfred Guillaume Gabriel d’Orsay, and Frederick Hervey Foster Quin,

Calabrella (Mrs. Thomas) was married to Captain Thomas Jenkins (who she met through Marguerite Power Farmer Gardiner Countess of Blessington), her third marriage (the first to a Mr. Lee, and the second to a Mr. de Blaquierre).

Calabrella had acquired her own title by the purchase of some land abroad. Calabrella lived for some time in Abbeville, and then after her second husband’s death, she moved to Paris.

Calabrella was part of the Prince Regent’s set (George IV), and she was the sister of Golden Ball HughesEdward Hughes Ball (known as Golden Ball Hughes due to his vast fortune), 

Calabrella wrote The Land of Promise, The Prism of Imagination, The Prism of Thought, The Double Oath, The Cousins, The Tempter and the Tempted, The Venetian Glass, The Ladies Science of Etiquette, various character sketches, and she edited The Court Journal Library, Evenings at Haddon Hall, and she also wrote poetry,


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