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W von Wroblewsky 1838 - 1889

August 16, 2009

VilniusW** von Wroblewsky** (Wroblewski) 1838? - 1889?, MD was a Polish orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy,

Wroblewsky also collected medical statistics on the aetiology of deaf mutism,

Wroblewsky practiced in Vilnius in 1860 -  1873, and he was a colleague of Ernst Theodor Wilhelm Hoffmann, Lusedorf,

Of interest:\**

Daniel Wroblewsky 1744 - 1818 was born in Lieshoewen in the province of Lyck in the kingdom of Prussia. He received his training as an organ builder with the local master Johann Christoff Ungefug.

Otto B Wroblewsky was a goldsmith in North West Europe in 1872.

**Zygmunt Florenty Wroblewski **1845 - 1888 was a Polish chemist and physicist and Professor of Physics at the University of Kracow.

Wroblewski was born in Grodno (Russian Empire, now in Belarus). was born in Grodno (Russian Empire, now in Belarus). He studied at the Kiev University and after a six year exile for participating in the January Uprising (1863), he studied in Berlin and Heidelberg.

Walery Antoni Wroblewski 1836 - 1908 was a Polish revolutionary democracy activist, born in Zoludku of Vilnius, in a family of petty nobility, whose family moved to Vilnius in 1844, he was a commander in the January Uprising,