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Tobias Haslinger 1787 - 1842

August 14, 2009

HaslingergasseTobias Haslinger 1787 - 1842 was an Austrian music publisher and composer.

In 1823, Ludwig von Beethoven’s music publisher Tobias Haslinger recommended homeopathy to Ludwig von Beethoven.

Haslinger was the publisher of Ludwig von Beethoven, Ignaz Moscheles, Louis Spohr, Karl Maria von Weber, and many others.

Haslinger was also the publisher of Franz Liszt, and he drew up accounts and acted as his Impresario. Haslinger also published Robert Alexander Schumann,

As a boy singer in Linz, Tobias Haslinger learned multiple instruments and has worked in the music acts of the Domkapellmeisters Franz Xaver Gloggl.

Since 1810, he lived in Vienna, where he worked first as a book keeper, and later as a partner with Sigmund Anton Steiner, and he took over the firm in1826. He took the publishing house, and the associated engraving and printing Institute, to international importance.

Haslinger published works by Ludwig von Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Louis Spohr, Johann Nepomuk Hummel, Josef Mayseder, Ignaz Moscheles, Karl Maria von Weber, Mozart, Carl Czerny, Muzio Clementi, and the complete works of Johann Strauss (father). Tobias Haslinger was also active as a composer.

After his death, his son Carl continued the business and published the works of the brothers Johann Strauss and Josef Strauss.

As a tribute to Tobias Haslinger, a lane in the 16th and 17th District of Vienna called Haslingergasse was renamed.

Of interest:

Johann Haslinger was a homeopath mentioned in Allgemeine homöopathische Zeitung, Volumes 92-93 in 1876, and in Bernhard Hirschel’s Zeitschrift für homöopathische Klinik, Volumes 23-25 in 1874.


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