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Karl Hencke 1806 - 1890

August 07, 2009

rigaKarl Hencke 1806? - 1890? was a Latvian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy and practiced in Riga and Scheunenstraße.

Hencke was a colleague of Brauser,  Carl Ernst Brutzer, Lembke, Reidel,

Hencke submitted a report on the cholera epidemic in Riga in 1848 to the Quarterly Homeopathic Journal, reporting how useful the homeopathic  remedies arsenicum, camphor, hydrochloric acid (muriaticum acidum), kali hydrocyanicum, iatropha curcas, secale and veratrum were in the treatment of this disease.

Hencke also reported on another cholera epidemic in Riga in 1871 in The Homeopathic Medical Directory of Great Britain and Ireland.

Hencke was listed in the Allgemeine homöopathische Zeitung in 1858, and in 1854, he also reported in the _Allgemeine homöopathische Zeitung_ on the collected information of the use of vaccine lymph from small pox, and its use in inoculation.

Hencke conducted numerous provings of homeopathic remedies, and from his proving of aconite, Hencke provides his own description:

Dr. Hencke of middle height, rather choleric in temperament, healthy, unmarried, lives simply and temperately, rarely drinks beer or wine, but smokes and drinks tea at night

Hencke also submitted cases and articles to various homeopathic publications, and he wrote Die Homöopathik Hahnemann’s oder die Heilkunde der Erfahrung,

Of interest:

Johann Franz Encke 1791 – 1865 was a German astronomer,

Karl Hencke 1895** - ** was Professor of Zoology in Gottingen in 1937.

Karl D Hencke wrote Diss. inaug. med. de nephritide eiusque morbis secundariis, in 1806.

Karl Ludwig Hencke 1793 -  1866 was a German astronomer.

Karl Hencke 1896 - 1945 was a German soldier.


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