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Michael von Bulmerincq 1822 - 1893

August 02, 2009

St. PetersburgSurgeon Major General Dr. Michael von Bulmerincq **1805 - 1893 was a Russian orthodox physician who converted to homeopathy, to become the **personal physician of the Minister of Treasury and *Duke Alexander of Wurttemberg and the Duchess of Wurttemberg.

In 1831, Michael Bulmerincq married Amalie (1805-91), the daughter of Carl Bernhard von Trinius, the nephew of Samuel Hahnemann, and Michael Bulmerincq was the co-editor of the collection of Carl Bernhard von Trinius’ poems published in 1848.

Michael von Bulmerincq was born in 1805 in Birkenhof near Riga, and died in 1893 in Warsaw. Dr. med., Major General Imperial Russian troops Forest, and personal physician of the Minister of Treasury and the Duchess of Wurttemberg.

I am indebted to Gilbert von Studnitz, great great grandson of Michael von Bulmerincq for the *following information from his family archives:

*Michael received his MD at the University of Dorpat in 1829, and became a Russian military physician, receiving the Cross of Honor for Bravery in 1831. He also become personal physician to Duke Alexander of Wurttemberg, who was a senior Russian official.

*He left active medical practice in 1834 to become an officer in the Forestry troops of Russia, in which he rose to Major General in 1855.

*In 1858 he retired and resumed medical research under the influence of his father in law, Carl Bernhard von Trinius. Converted to homeopathy and supported by the Russian Interior Ministry, Bulmerincq’s main area of research for years was inoculation for smallpox. As a result of his successful work, mandatory inoculation was proposed for Russia.

*By the way, his wife Amalie von Bulmerincq, nee Trinius, had a younger sister who married a successful homeopathic physician in Russia, Christian Theodore Herrmann.

*In 1831, along with the Cross of Honor for Bravery, Dr. Michael von Bulmerincq also received the VladimirRussian Order of St. Vladimir IV Class. The actual insignia he wore he received from his father in law, Carl Bernhard von Trinius, who gave him the Order of St. Vladimir IV Class that he himself had received personally from Tsar Alexander I, who had taken it off his own chest to award to Carl Bernhard von Trinius.

*This same insignia was later given to Dr. von Bulmerincq’s son Florent (1833-97), who was awarded this level of that Order as a young officer during the Crimean War.

*Michael von Bulmerincq later also received the III Class of this Order, as well as the II Class of the Order of St.
StanislausOrder of St. Stanislaus.

*His son Florent later rose to be a Lieutenant General of Russian Engineer Troops, and received the I Class of the Orders of St. Vladimir, St. Stanislaus, as well as St. Anna.

Carl Bernhard von Trinius himself also received the Order of St. Stanislaus, as well as the II Class of the Order_of_St._AnnaOrder of St. Anna.

Of interest:

Alexander Michael Charles von Bulmerincq 1868 - 1938, the *grandson of Michael von Bulmerincq, was a Baltic German theologian and Orientalist.

From 1876 to 1885, Alexander Bulmerincq attended the high school in Warsaw, and in 1885 he moved to Dorpat, where he was a member of the Neobaltia Corps in theology, and from 1891 in Leipzig, he studied the Old Testament and Semitic languages.

In the same year, he became a religion teacher at a local girls’ school, and in1896-97 he was again, for scientific purposes, in Leipzig.

In 1898, he was an Associate Professor, and in 1907 he was appointed Vice Professor of Semitic languages at the University of Dorpat. From 1908 to 1912, he was Dean of the Faculty of Theology, and also from 1908, he was Adjunct Pastor at St. John’s Church. As a delegate of the University of Dorpat, he participated in the Orientalistenkongressen in Rome (1899), Hamburg (1902), Algiers (1905), Copenhagen (1908) and Athens (1912) part.

In 1919, Alexander Bulmerincq was a Professor of Old Testament and Semitic languages.

August Michael von Bulmerincq 1822 -
1890August Michael von Bulmerincq 1822 - 1890, a *nephew of Michael von Bulmerincq,  was a German leading figure in the discipline of international law during the 1860s-1880s. One of the influential initial collaborators of the Institut de droit international, Bulmerincq taught international law at the universities of Dorpat (today: Tartu, Estonia) and Heidelberg.

Johanna von Bulmerincq 1873 - 1953, descendant of Samuel Hahnemann, married in 1900, Oswald von Studnitz 1871 - 1963 Captain of the Imperial German Navy, Knight of St. John.

*My grandmother Johanna was not a direct descendant of Samuel Hahnemann, but his great grand niece.

*My grandmother Johanna von Bulmerincq’s husband Oswald von Studnitz, ergo my grandfather, was not only a protestant Knight of the Order
of St.
JohnKnight of the Order of St. John (which is the Protestant version of the Knights of Malta), but received the III Class of the Prussian Red Eagle
OrderPrussian Red Eagle Order, and received the Royal Order of the House of
HohenzollernRoyal Order of the House of Hohenzollern, as well as the Imperial Ottoman Order of the
MedjidjieImperial Ottoman Order of the Medjidjie.

Michael von Bulmerincq 1832 - 1899, son of Major General Michael von Bulmerincq, was Counsellor of State for Imperial Russia, married Miss Marie von Bock und Polach 1836 - 1911 in 1870


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